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AMC Articles

Random Thoughts, Questions, & Ideas
By Patti G

Hello, everyone. I began posting again on both the rerun shows on SOAPnet and adding some comments on the upcoming reboot of the show.

As for the current storylines being shown on SOAPnet.

JR and Colby are the biggest spoiled brats. I realize they donít like Annie, but did she deprive them of anything, NO! In fact JR would not be alive without Annie, so he is really selfish.

I realize that David Canary wished to leave the show after they made the transition to the West Coast, but I felt they way they brought boring Brooke back and suddenly Adam realized his love for her and ran off with Brooke was a bit much.

When is Tad going to tell Damon he is his father? I mean half the town knows already. I also have wondered why Tad never pursued getting some type of custody of baby Stuart for Damon since he is his grandson.

Could Madison throw herself at Ryan even more than she is? Just when you thought women in PV were safe from the White Knight, here he comes to Madisonís rescue. He will pledge his eternal love to her like every woman he gets involved with and then dump her for Greenlee.

I enjoyed rewatching the tribute to James Mitchell, Palmer Cortland. It was very moving with just a touch of humor. I always remember the storyline years ago when a young man was coming out as gay. This was a good 15 years ago. (Laurel, Lilyís mother, was shot during this storyline) and people were still not as accepting of people back then. Most of the characters on the show were either afraid, incensed, or confused by this announcement. However, JM chose to have Palmer be a supporter of this young man. Something he would have in real life. I always applauded his decision to have his character written against type and be the voice of reason in this story.

Now for my thoughts on the Reboot:

I have no problem with the show starting way after the last episode. I do hope over time that they explain what happens.

There are obviously going to be explanations needed as to why Zach is there and not Kendall, Dixie, or Tad, etc.

I hope that the show achieves a balance between the existing characters and the either new characters/SORAS characters on the show. I donít necessarily want to watch a new show that just goes by the name of AMC.

Well, thatís about all for now. Have a great week.

I would love to hear from any of my readers.

Patti G


Read all about Patti's visit to AMC's NYC studios on 8/17/09.

Page updated 3/10/12

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