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Angie seems to start out being okay today and Ryan is recovering and even seems to have all his memories even though that is uncommon for aneurysms in the beginning based on the two people I know who had them and lived. I can't believe Tad is SHOCKED that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. If anyone deserves that it IS Tad The Cad himself. lol Colby sure misses her daddy! I wonder why we never saw that charm bracelet before. hm mm. I hope this means David Canary shows up soon for a visit!! What could be Adam's excuse? Liza is like a drug addict now, but she is addicted to non-drugging someone else. It is still an addiction.

I think I need to see another side to Dastardly David soon or he is going to be on my hit list although I do love Vincent!! Commercial break- I have been complaining about some of the advertisements during our shows. Let's see.... Progressive, Pertussis, Jello, Eyelashes and more in a short time. Thankfully nothing about feminine itching. Colby is just a poor little rich girl and I think that is just too much for Damon to handle. He sounds sincere and medicated. I don't get it! My son had ADHD and he was crazy ALL the time when he wasn't medicated. He LOVES her??? For now I guess.

Angie needs to tell her husband already. That girl shouldn't be on the road let alone doing surgery!! Jmho. I know, everybody has one.. Commercial break - Charmin, Taco Seasoning, Aveeno, Dove chocolate (yum,) Dixie plates, Pure Silk Shaving cream, Colgate Total Whitening, Bush baked beans, Stanley Steamer, *OH NO!!, Overactive Bladder commercial (time for all men watching to cringe and change the channel.)

It looks like Damon and Colby are making love, but I have to say I have seen a lot steamier love scenes! And Tad walks in just a wee bit too late to stop them! How much space is on the mini tape recorder that Angie talks into?? Jessie is going to be upset when he finds out the truth. I hope it doesn't break them up and actually brings them closer. Commercial break again!! Activia (yucky commercial,) Scope, Pizza Rolls, *Yikes Tampons, Frosted Mini-Wheats, *Vagisel (Yikes!! Makes me want to change the channel!) Jello (again so soon?,) Life-Style lift (I want that!) and an advertisement for local news. Do you want some cheese with that whine Colby?

So Damon has SPECIAL skills? I think if he was that SPECIAL he would have kept Colby smiling a little longer. Another danged commercial break!!! - Avon, Fiber Plus cereal, Bali bras, Chef Michael's Dog food, Kleenex, Hair Color, ABC News. Liza is making me sick! I am one who really misses Marcy Walker, but I guess Jamie Lunar is trying to recreate Liza's past. Who is Tad trying to convince?? Himself or Damon? I can't believe that a trained detective like Jesse would notice that something was wrong with his wife. Also Dastardly should have picked up on it, too. More COMMERCIALS!!!! - Off, Hershey's kisses, Gain (finally a soap lol,) Pronamel tooth paste, facial cleanser, more chocolate ... Hershey's Bliss, Venus Shavers, Hot dogs, Latisse eyelash grower, Yoplait delight that look really good, What If preview, The Bachelorette.

Tad adopts an adult and is now trying to be a daddy! HaHa!! Liza, caught on tape revealed. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. End of show! Barrage of commercials and time for a smoke outside. * Btw, I only included commercials to point out the YUCKY ones like Feminine odor and tampons. We do need some MORE of that Love In the Afternoon ASAP.


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Updated 9/14/10

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