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Nathan's Opinions

As most All My Children obsessed fans know, Erica Kane will be getting a much younger love interest.  Yep, itís none other than Mr. Ryan Lavery himself.  As Adam Chandler said, this gives a whole new meaning to keeping it in the family.  It wasnít that long ago that Ryan and Ericaís daughter, Kendall, were together.  But I ainít complaining. After all, Kendall belongs with Zach and Ryan belongs with anybody but her.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have despised Ryan since he lost his memory a while back, but he and Erica have a certain chemistry that makes me want to root for him again.  Why is that? I donít know Iím not a shrink.  But whatever that spark is Iím glad that the writers picked up on it and have decided to pair the two characters.  I canít wait for Ericaís family and friends to find out once it happens.

Another intergenerational couple that seems to be forming is Annie and Adam.  But unlike Ryica, Iím not really feeling the chemistry here.  After all, Erica may look old enough to be Ryanís mother, but Adam looks old enough to be Annieís grandfather.  Call me hypocritical, sexist, or whatever, but every time Annie kisses Adam it grosses me out.  Annie was much better off with Aidan.

Another thing that bugs me on AMC is Liza getting Amandaís son.  I really like the new Liza, especially when sheís around Tad (although that is one couple I donít want reuniting anytime soon), but whenever she refers to Amandaís son as her own, I just want her to be smacked hard across the face.  But not by me. I donít hit women.  But I bet Erica or Kendall would be more than thrilled to get the chance to sock her one good time in the mouth.  The worst part about this whole situation is that a) Amanda really wants her baby, b) we have to watch David grieve yet another child, and c) Colby will never forgive Liza once she finds out that truth and believe me, she will find out.

Frankie got what was coming to him today.  He pushed everyone away and when he started moving his fingers, there was no one there to share that special moment with him.  It serves him right.  I understand that he was upset about being crippled, but he was being a real jerk.  I couldnít blame Randi because if I was her, I would have snapped a long time ago and given him a piece of my mind.  Speaking of Randi, it looks as though weíre headed for a triangle between Frankie, Randi, and North.  Iím sorry but I donít see a single redeeming quality in D.A. North.  He goes around town acting like a little child throwing a temper tantrum all because the love of his life was a prostitute who changed and married the love of her life.  Seriously North, get over it.  Zach Slater lost Kendall for a while but at least he still acted decent towards everyone else.  Shoot, Iím only 17 years old and even I act more mature after a break-up.  North is just acting like a giant word that rhymes with grass, and I hate him.  Since Iím already on the subject, why is Randi pretending that she doesnít know North?  The Hubbards know all about her past, so is it really that hard for her to explain that he was a former client?  Now that I think about it, she probably just cares enough about him to not want to mess with his career.  But like I said, I hate him, so I donít care. 

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Page updated 5/25/10

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