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By Eva  7/29/07

I have been watching All My Children since the late 1980s, although I have to admit at times I have stopped watching the show only to start watching again, mostly because I enjoy watching the wonderful cast, not because of any particular storylines.  I really enjoyed the wonderful stories of the late 1980s and 1990s, but there have been few stories I have enjoyed recently. I have not stopped watching the show, however, because when stories are bad it is fun to watch a wonderful cast make lemonade out of lemons.  I was the most heartbroken by the tremendous error made by the writers with the Satin Slayer story. It was the most poorly written story I have seen on soaps in a while.  I know they needed a way to get rid of seldom-used characters, but the story was so poorly written that I only felt sorry for the actors who had to make the best of it.   I hope the show manages to get back to the wonderful character-driven stories it once had that made me want to tune in each week, because I cared about the characters and also wanted to find out what would happen next in the story.  I have seen some evidence that the show is getting back to what I once enjoyed about it.  I have enjoyed watching the sparks fly between Jackson and Erica with the New Divorce story.  I wish they would give more of the veterans wonderful stories like that one to do.

The Ladies of Fusion are also back to how they used to be, creating make-up and bickering with each other which is half the fun of watching them.  The women can fight with each other over anything but watch out if an enemy threatens one of them or the company is in trouble because they always put their differences aside to help each other or the company.  I am also looking forward to watching them continue to bond as friends.  I am so happy that the All My Children I love is slowly coming back, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on it.  I donít like this Jonathan/Ava pairing at all, because it's frankly just a bit out there and strange that Jonathan would fall in love with his ex-wifeís half-sister, and it is also happening too fast and the writers are trying to push the couple on the audience.  I think it would be more interesting to see Ava paired with Aidan, and Di trying to fight to keep her man, especially since Di has been the only one in town trying to give Ava a chance to change her life. 

I also wish they would pair Del with somebody instead of constantly having him be the bartender who always listens to everyoneís problems.  The character of Del has lost what used to make him fun when he was first brought on to the show which was that he was good with the ladies but deep down he seemed like a guy with a good heart.  Despite all the mistakes he made, you rooted for him, because you knew that all he needed was a good woman to straighten him out.  I also wish they would give Di a good juicy story instead of just having her be everyone's best friend.  I have discovered that having good characters and a severe lack of good stories for them has been a problem that All My Children hasnít been able to solve since the great stories written in the 1980s and early 1990s that kept you on the edge of your seat not wanting to miss an episode.  All my Children needs to stop trying to rewrite character history and stick as close to the history as possible and write stories about real problems that people face every day, so that people watching can be inspired to say, "If the Kane women can handle this problem, I can handle it too."  All My Children has been one of the best daytime dramas at dealing with real-life issues, and they should keep doing that and just mix it with some romance and every once in a while a little comic relief.  What I hope for one of my favorite daytime dramas is that it will surprise us every once in a while and stop being so predictable, and make me want to watch every week and say to myself, "Wow, I didnít know that was coming. What a great week."  All My Children is on its way back to what it once was. All it needs is some great writing, because it already has one of the best cast of actors in daytime.

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Updated 6/9/10

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