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By Jysika
Week ending 4/6/07

Is it just me or is Hannah missing a few of her marbles? I understand that she isnít happy about how Zach treated Ethan, but she wasnít exactly there either. I guess a savvy business woman doesnít have enough time to Google any information on a son that she claims to love. Perhaps sheís not totally crazy, perhaps she just has short term memory loss and thatís why she keeps going off on Zach for pushing Ethan away after both he and Kendall explain to her why Zach did it and how horrible Zach felt afterwards. Personally I think that Zach has suffered enough for it, after all his sonís dying words were of hatred toward him. I donít know about you but that sure wouldnít give me the warm and fuzzies.

Babe and JR are finally acting responsible, deciding to share custody of their son instead of Babe running off with him or JR trying to kill his mother. Okay so I agree that these two are toxic for each other, but am I the only one that is getting tired of seeing JR mooning over Babe? Please give him another love interest for once. It would be really good if Babe were the one left in the dust filled with jealousy. But some how, I donít think things are over for these two, weíll just have to watch to find out.

Now lets turn our attention to the new addition to the PV family, well she hasnít made her way to PV yet, but still. Of course Iím talking about none other than Ava. This street savvy 22 year old chica is something else thatís for sure. I knew that she wasnít going to look as innocent as Lily, but did they have to make her look like sheís never taken a bath in her life? However I am looking forward to when she comes to PV and interacts with all of Lilyís family and friends, especially Jonathan. If that wonít send him over the edge, I donít know what will.

Speaking of over the edge, Janet Green didnít disappoint me this week at all, although Iím worried for Adamís safety when it comes time for him to dump her, or if Amanda gets hurt in his little road rage fiasco. I say that if anyone could take the great Adam Chandler down, it would be Janet from another planet. I wonder if Adam remembered to bring Janetís meds or if he decided to risk it. Being as though she considers Adam her knight in shinning armor, he must have forgotten them. Though I did love seeing Adam going down the window on the knotted sheets that Janet made for him.

Iíll end this article with a mention of Biancaís declaration of love for Zoe/Zarf. Does this come to a surprise to me or anyone else? Gee I hope not. I know that this couple does have a fan base, but I have a feeling that more of the fans would have preferred to see Bianca with a physical woman instead of someone who was simply mentally woman. I know that I would, but sadly that wasnít meant to be. Iím glad that Zarfís mother accepts him for the woman that he is and wants to be, but what will his mother think when Zarf says that not only is he a woman on the inside, heís also a lesbian? Guess weíll just have to wait and see.

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Updated 6/9/10

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