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By Jysika
Week ending 3/30/07

This week seems to have been the week for surprises, at least for the Chandler board members.  Who would have thought that they would walk into the board room and find Adam Chandler in all his naked glory?  I have to say that I enjoyed this little prank, although it bugs me to no end that once again the Carey victims find themselves being treated as the bad guys.  But no worries, Adam will not be taking this lying down.  Iím definitely looking forward to seeing more of the Adam that I know and love!  Only this time he wonít be working alone.  This time heíll be paired with none other than Janet from Another Planet.  That alone deserves two thumbs up from me.  I canít wait to see what kind of havoc these two bring!

Another surprise came sneaking into town in the form of Hannah Nichols.  Thatís right, Alex Cambias Jr.ís old love interest and the mother of his child.  At first glance, the only thing about this new addition to PV that caught my eyes were her slightly large feet and manly hands.  Somehow I thought the woman who had once caught the eye of Zach Slater would be a little prettier, but something tells me that Hannah will have no problem holding her own.  She certainly didnít have any problem waltzing into Cambias to face Zach.  In fact she came off as a little cocky to me.  How else would you describe someone who expects someone to recognize them after 20+ years?  I mean its not like she hasnít changed one bit. Anyway, one may ask what brings Ms. Nichols to PV, surely she hasnít come just to stalk Zach, although, I know plenty of other ladies who would gladly take over that job. Nope I have a feeling that Hannah is really up to no good.

Speaking of no good, we caught more glimpses of Ryan and his flavor of the week Annie.  Thank goodness this time they werenít in the stables.  I know that Annie and Ryan share a child but I have to ask this, has there been a more boring couple in Pine Valley?  At the moment I canít think of one.  Annie naturally decides to marry Ryan after weeks of turning him down.  Apparently the key to Annieís heart was Oatmeal, but I guess thatís better than one of the reasons Ryan gave for wanting to marry Annie.  What, you donít remember that?  He said it was because she was so good in bed. (Gag me!) Talk about a lame reason to get married.

Know what else is lame?  The fact that Bianca and Zarf/Zoe kiss.  If Bianca wasnít the only lesbian in PV I wouldnít mind Barf, but personally I just see this coupling as a way to get out of pairing Bianca with another ďcompleteĒ woman.  I know that Zarf/Zoe is a woman at heart, but as Bianca said while quoting her mother, ďHeís a man Bianca, heís a man!Ē  Now donít get me wrong, just because I donít like Bianca and Zarf/Zoe dating right now doesnít mean that I donít like Zarf/Zoe.  Quite the opposite actually.  I find myself slightly amused by this character.  Plus (s)he had my sympathy when his mother refused to accept him for the person (s)he feels that (s)he is.  So much for unconditional love.  But of course, the great (and I use that term loosely) Dr. Josh was there with his words of wisdom.

While weíre on the topic of mothers, I canít forget to bring up how Barbara threw herself mercilessly at Jack.  I suppose you have to admire a woman who sees what she wants and goes after it, even if she uses his pain as an excuse to do it.  Jackson, of course, fell for the whole thing and took her to bed, only to have Erica walk in on them while they were asleep in each other's arms.  I sure hope Jackson remembers to take a hot shower when he wakes up.


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Updated 6/9/10

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