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By Lori

            The truth is finally out. We all knew what was going to happen. Secrets such as the one Krystal was holding just donít stay secret in soap opera land.

            Krystal bravely told Adam the truth about her unborn baby. The baby Adam was so looking forward to as his new daughter is actually Tadís baby. Adamís reaction was predictable.

            Krystal surely couldnít have thought that Adam would silently accept this child as his own when really the baby was fathered by one of his least favorite persons in Pine Valley. How could Krystal even suggest a thing? Surely she knew her request that Adam accept the baby as his own would fly as well as a lead balloon.

            Good performances from everyone, especially David Canary as Adam. You could just see the hurt and pain on his face while he was trying to remain stoic. He walked out of the room silently only to resort to his true evil scheming sense.

            I for one am somewhat happy to see the old Adam return. Itís not that Iím against happy marriages on the show because I am. But I just never really bought the coupling of Adam and Krystal. I didnít ďfeelĒ the love they claimed to feel for each other.

            Now, unless Adam finds forgiveness, it appears that this union will soon be history. This will allow more room for Adam to show the hard edge weíve all come to know and love. He was just too soft with Krystal.

            What I donít like to see is Adam turning on JR. These two are fun to watch together and I hate to see an estrangement between the two. Any estrangement between Adam and JR, however, I expect to be short lived. If itís one thing Adam holds dear, itís his children, and I canít see him disowning JR for good.

            It will be interesting to see how Tad fits into this mess. Tad will surely stake a claim to his unborn daughter. How will Krystal handle that? What will happen between Tad and Krystal? This could lead to a reconciliation between the former lovers.

            It seems that the writers are moving away from the storyline of Tad being Kathyís true father. If theyíre not moving away, theyíre sure dragging their feet.

            Viewers have known for several weeks now that Kathy is Kate, yet no movement is being made to confirm the fact. Iím wondering if the writers want to play this down because of the killing off of Dixie.

            This had all the makings of a great story had Dixie not been killed off, but now it seems to be less important.

            Does he or doesnít he?

            Does Ryan truly love Annie, or is he in love with the idea of being part of a couple. It seems odd that Ryan has proposed to Annie without ever really dating her or telling her he loved her. We did hear something close to it this week. Ryan told Annie he was ďfalling forĒ her. He never did, however, use the word ďlove.Ē

            Ryan knows now that Annie loves him. No thanks to her but rather thanks to Jonathan. Annie was pretty upset when learning that Jonathan spilled her secret that she is in love with Ryan. I suspect this might make her pull away from Ryan, thinking that he doesnít really love her.

            I suggest Annie do one thing: TELL RYAN YOU LOVE HIM ALREADY. Ryan is being a jerk for not telling Annie he loves her, unless he really doesnít. If he doesnít, heís being a jerk for trying to persuade her to marry him.

            Speaking of jerks, how about Josh? I am sick to death of Josh and his efforts to manipulate Babe into being with him. Josh has no respect for marriage vows or other peopleís feelings. He only wants whatever suits himself and he thinks thatís Babe.

            I donít understand how Babe can be so stupid to initially agree to go along with Joshís plan to run away with little Adam and make everyone think he was kidnapped. Babe ran away with a baby once and realized it was a stupid thing to do. How could she even consider doing it again?

            I was so happy to see Erica bring this scheme to a screeching halt by telling JR the truth. Erica makes a lot of bad decisions, but this was a courageous one and truly the right thing to do. Iíll probably never say this again, but Thank You Erica!

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Updated 6/9/10

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