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By Lori

          Babe is somewhat of an unpopular character on All My Children. Her detractors donít like that this young woman with hardly any redeeming moral value is propped up by the creators of the show to be such a central character. Has there ever been a time since Babe has been on this show that her character has been back-burnered? I canít think of one. I myself have been more neutral toward Babe. For me she has been a flawed character who could easily have been done without. If there is anything to redeem her it is her love for her son and her mother. Even her love for J.R. seems to be genuine, though she has a funny way of showing it.

          So what happens when this character no one seems to really like supposedly dies on the show? Tears flow. I couldnít help but wipe tears from my eyes watching Babeís mother Krystal grieve for her daughter. Bobbie Eakesí Krystal gave one bang-up performance upon learning of the death of her daughter.  The part where Krystal hugged Babeís body and said Babe was the best she ever did was multiple Kleenex scene. It made me really believe this was a mother mourning the loss of her daughter. The tear spotted on Adamís face was touching as well.

          Now the word in cyberspace is that Babe isnít really dead. I personally cannot believe the powers that be would actually kill off the character they have shoved in our faces so much. Besides, there has been no news reports out that Alexa Havins either quit or was fired from the show.

          If Babe isnít really dead, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. First and foremost is how they can show Babeís supposedly dead body to her mother. Most importantly, though, is how the people who decided to make Babe ďdeadĒ could put her loved ones through such torture.  If Babe is truly faking her death to somehow get the Satin Slayer revealed, I would think they could let Krystal in on the secret. Itís truly cruel to make a mother believe that her beloved daughter is dead.  And what about little Adam? Is J.R. really going to tell this young child that his mother is dead when she really is not? I cannot believe Babe, if she agreed to a faked death, would let her son be told she is dead. It doesnít make sense and is not in Babeís character.

          That makes me wonder if maybe Babe isnít behind the supposed faked death. Maybe the doctors gave an unconscious Babe a drug to make her appear dead for enough time to flush out the killer. This seems totally unethical. Would a real doctor go along with this plot? If they gave the drug to Babe without her consent or the consent of next of kin, that would be totally against the rules of everything. That brings us back to Babe giving her consent, but it doesnít make sense that she would put her loved ones through this.

          Letís just hope this Satin Slayer is caught soon. I for one am tired of all the deaths. The death of Dixie to me was unforgivable. To bring Cady McLain back and raise the hopes of all Tad and Dixie lovers only to dash them so quickly is beyond understanding. What else is beyond understanding is how Dixieís death seemingly has been forgotten. She only died a week ago in real time, and she is barely mentioned. Thereís no mention of a funeral. No one seems to be grieving or even the least bit upset. I expected a show of more emotion from Tad. The love of his life reappears from the dead then is quickly snatched away again, and we donít even get one teardrop from his eye. Yes heís a man, but men cry too. Maybe that will come when they do have a funeral. Weíll have to wait and see.

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Updated 8/20/14

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