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Amanda's Point of View
By Amanda

Annie get you gun! How come no one told Annie to do that to Terry? I mean first of all he wouldn't be able to roam the streets free to molest any girl he wants. I think the writers should think about putting Ryan and Annie together. I mean how complicated would that be, huh? They get together just as Dixie and Zach find out the little girl Annie calls Emma is really Kate, Dixie's daughter. In addition we can see how Ryan deals with that. Would he help Annie keep the little girl she loves and wants to protect, or would he fight to help Dixie get back her little girl she's been looking for for years? You never know, but one thing I know of is that all this time Annie's been wanting to protect her daughter, but maybe just maybe the only way to protect her from Terry is to give her to Dixie. Well I guess were just gonna have to wait and see how it all turns out aren't we? The only thing that's racking my brain is how this is going to effect not only Annie, Emma, and Dixie, but also Ryan, Kendall, and Zach.

Is it me or do you agree that JR should of known on some level (high up there) that Babe would fly straight into Josh's arms, knowing that he must be feeling not only humiliated but as well as hurt and betrayed. And honestly I don't feel all that broken up about it either. I mean yes I do like JR and Babe together but, at the same time I cant help but feel that Josh and Babe would be a great if not smart match to pair up. Well first of all on Josh's part it could be pay back to Erica for keeping this secret as long as she did. He knows already how much Erica and her family hate and despise Babe for what she did. Not only keeping Bianca from her baby but also for letting her husband go free on attempted murder charges on Kendall and her son. Also it could be revenge for Erica not wanting him and then when she finds out the truth she doesn't tell him. Second of all on Babe's part it could be revenge on JR. She was just starting to forgive him for wanting and almost succeeding to kill her. And what does he do? He certainty doesn't make nice nice with josh, no instead he goes behind Babe's back knowing he could lose her and deliberately humiliates josh in front of hundreds of people. But then again I guess I can feel for JR, I mean of little friends he did have, he ran them away when he tried to kill his best friend (not knowing of course.) All he was trying to do was take the spot light off of him and put it on some other suspecting people for the death of Greg Madden. But did he have to do it that way? Couldn't he of found another way to expose Erica's past and Josh's paternity? You think Babe would want to leave JR after everything he's done. This little act he pulled at Con Fusion should be the last straw, but no instead she wants to make it work. But that's not what JR thinks, he thinks Babe left with Josh because she's done with him. But I guess he's gonna keep on thinking that since now Babe and Josh are stranded on an excluded island all my themselves. Never know what might happen. It's just like the saying for Vegas, what happens on the island stays on the island.

If I were in Josh's situation I don't really know what I'd do, let alone how I'd feel. I mean he has to deal with the fact of his mother not wanting him. But you know I think Babe will really come in handy as does she always. Josh will run out and try to bail, but here comes Babe to the rescue convincing him to stay in town and try to work things out with his newly found parents. You'd think Josh would of had a much bigger/surprisingly look on his face once he found out. But of course not, instead here's Josh stunned with a bad attitude and just runs out. He doesn't even flinch, or freak out. I would of liked to see him throw a fit to show more emotion to him. Because honestly, I actually just saw the acting, I couldn't relate or get tied into the story line like I usually do.

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Updated 10/4/10

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