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by Christina

Ok, so I havenít really had the time to write my opinion about the show lately but besides being busy, I didnít really find anything that I felt like I wanted to talk about. But after the last few days, I knew that I needed to state my opinion. All I can say is that I am so glad that Kendall is out of the hospital and that she and Zach are still together and happy (minus that little bump in regards to Dixie) and that they truly are magic. One scene in particular made me happy, guess it is just the hopeless romantic in me but when Kendall and Zach put their wedding rings on, it was such a happy moment. I especially loved seeing the ring on Zachís finger because Kendall at least had her engagement ring but Zach had nothing. I even loved how Zach remained calm when Kendall had her mini breakdown in regards to Babe and JR. I canít wait to see more of them because they are the definition of super-couple and of love in the afternoon, which is what soap operas are suppose to include but which they have seemed to have forgotten lately.

On the other hand of the happiness and love that is Zach and Kendall, there is this twisted relationship between Babe and JR. Between all the back and forth there was this year between the two characters, I actually didnít mind them being together, I was indifferent to them but now I canít stand them. I really canít believe that Babe actually defended JR in court, the man tried to kill you but instead put his best friend and her child in danger. I never really liked Babe but how stupid is she, the man attempts to kill you and you stay mad at him for maybe a few days and then all is forgiven, nice approach Babe, well the next time he tries this, donít come crying to anyone, if you are still around to cry to someone about it. I am not even saying that JR had to go to jail but couldnít he have gotten off on some technicality during the trial, at least make it look somewhat believable. I am glad that the ladies at Fusion are sticking with Kendall and I wish Babe would just leave because she doesnít belong there and is not wanted there.

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Updated 10/4/10

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