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By Gargy and Wolfy

Okay, admittedly I am tired of the extremely not interesting ways of referring to someone that both Krystal and Babe use (i.e.-Little Peanut for Adam Chandler the 3rd/or better yet, Little A....*cringes*), but I am also tired of the obvious one-sided/blind loyalty to a character and the other characters' support of said character. I've spent numerous months reading peoples' thoughts on how Kendall/Zach are the perfect couple, when all I want to do is just puke at the thought. Come on people, Kendall got involved with the man's son-who incidentally was the right age for her, and his daddy was only 10 years younger when Ethan was born (do the math take 30 times 2 and subject 10 and you've got 50--a huge, whomping 20 year difference........*EKKKKKK*).

And, admittedly I am disappointed that JR is backtracking his "admittance" of guilt for what he did to Kendall, seeing this as just another excuse for Junior to continue on his spiraling downward fall. However, I don't think you should put him in the county jail-house arrest would be sufficient. Okay, it'd be like a dream come true for most of us to get house arrest on the Chandler Compound, but at least JR would still be facing up to his crimes and doing his time.

And why doesn't Eden Riegel just come back to AMC/PV? She's comes back for a "visit" every six months or so, already. I know that her main reason for leaving was due to lack of a realistic and fair portrayal of Bianca as a lesbian and having equal love scenes as the other hetero-characters were getting (FYI: If, Jamie/Julia's strip-down scene last week ain't construed as pretty downright raunchy for even Cinemax at Night--then, I really don't know what is *BIG GOOSE EGG EYES BUGGING OUT*) and her "best friend" was leaving the show, also (for different reasons). But, come on already fire McTrash/hire me (I've got a HUGE/STEAMY Storyline for Bianca/Eden).

And, I guess I'll conclude with the one character/storyline that everyone can agree on........Dr. Greg Madden is a sick SOB, that belongs right where is, and I sure hope it's Janet from another Planet's last hurray for awhile (since they are just leaving her storyline stranded in the looney bin), at least this way she has some kind of redeemable value. BTW: Didn't Janet save some woman from being raped by Dixie's brother?

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Updated 10/4/10

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