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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Pine Valley
By Christina

I may be in the minority but Erica Kane is not a character I really like, sometimes I can stand to watch her because she doesnít bother me but at other times she is beyond annoying. Today was one of those days that Erica got on my last nerve. I couldnít believe that she said that Zach didnít want the C-section to happen because he would benefit financially from Kendallís death and then she blames Dixie for not coming forward, even though Erica could have told Kendall the truth which would have stopped everything a long time ago. I think Ryan finally realizes how much Zach loves Kendall, and I think it came to him when he walked into Kendallís room when Zach was talking to him. Zach told Ryan he would have to be both mother and father and then Ryan asked what Zach would have and all Zach did was look at him and that is when I think Ryan realized that not only did Zach love Kendall but that he would not gain anything from this decision but would actually lose everything that was important to him. I am so glad that Babe told the police because if she wouldnít have, I donít think I could ever have liked her character again in the future. The look on the faces of Dixie, Erica, Ryan and Zach told me things are going to get more dramatic from here and will probably get worse before they get better.

I really wish that someone besides Babe would have heard what JR said to Kendall because no one is going to believe her. I knew that eventually Ryan would decide to side with Erica and want the C-section done as soon as possible. I doubt Zach will win but I am glad he is trying to do anything and everything he can to respect Kendallís wishes. I canít wait until Kendall gets out of the coma, so she can tell everyone want she wants and so she and Zach can be happy again. I really wanted to shut Erica up today, I hated the way she went on and on about how she was the only one who knows what is best for Kendall and how both Zach and Babe are not telling the truth about what Kendall wanted because they would both profit if she died. The whole courtroom scenario was a bit much and some of the things that happened seemed to not be close to what would be allowed in a real court hearing. I did enjoy seeing Simone, Erin and Dani with Kendall today and the fact that helped her look beautiful was a nice light moment with all this drama. I loved seeing Myrtle today, she is a true friend to Zach, and he could really use one right now. Kendall needs to wake up soon because I donít know how much more of this storyline I will be able to take.

Of course, Zach would not get guardianship over Kendall because that would not make things interesting. There has been some real emotional performances by the actors involved in the coma storyline and that right now is the only reason why I can appreciate this storyline. I was surprised that no one thought it was strange that the alarm in the hospital went off right after Zach had lost in court, I love the character but címon it was a classic Zach move. I didnít think that Adam would actually do anything to make it so JR would actually have to take responsibility for his actions, but he surprised me today by freezing his sonís accounts so that he would not be able to post the large bail. I canít wait until Bianca gets into town, because she is the only one who can make sense of the mess that is going on with those she cares for in Pine Valley. I hope that Zachís plan does work so that Kendall will have more time to help bring a healthy baby boy into the world. I have been very annoyed with Erica lately, and it looks like next week it will probably get worse, as the previews show her barging her way into Kendallís room when Julia goes in. Erica seems to think that she is the only one who loves Kendall and I doubt she will ever believe that Zach loves Kendall completely and not just when it suits him.

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Updated 10/4/10

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