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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Pine Valley
By Christina

Sometimes I am interested in seeing who the writers are planning to put together and I think the next possible match up is going to be Jamie and Anita. I began to see it as another chemistry test when the elevator ďcoincidentallyĒ got stuck with just the two of them in it. Ryan was getting on my good side when he was saying nice things about Zach to Erica but I didnít like the way he was talking to Jonathan about Lily. I am not a huge fan of them as a pairing but I still think it is unfair for Ryan to put his opinion on Jonathan.

I am such a very happy Zach and Kendall fan, this week looks like there is going to be a lot of scenes involving them. I loved when Kendall told Zach that she wanted to keep her child and that she also wanted to be with him. I have waited such a long time for her to say that since the reveal at the Mardi gras ball. Although I know ďforeverĒ means nothing in soaps, I hope all Zach and Kendall fans get happiness for awhile. I think it would be unfair to have them reunite and then to break them up again so soon.

I am really going to try to write about what happened today but I wonder if I will be able to concentrate, well I am going to try. Today was by far one of the best days for me as a viewer because Kendall and Zach finally reunited and the scenes that they had showing them making love was very romantic and sweet. I loved the music that was playing and you could see how much they both loved one another. I am very happy that my favorite couple is back together and I really wish that the writers would keep them together and have them as a stable couple for the show, while having them face adversity from outside factors while still being together. I loved the one-liners that Zach and Kendall have when they are together and the way they look at each other speaks pages and pages of words.

While the only real important thing that happened today for me was Kendall and Zach being back together, I actually can say that I did enjoy Ryanís scenes today. I loved the way he acted after drinking the truth serum to protect Dixie and I would actually enjoy them as a pairing if the writers decided to go that route. I feel really bad for Lily being all alone and I hope that nothing bad happens to her and that she does come home safely. I canít wait until tomorrow, Zach and Kendall get married and we actually get to see this wedding happen.

The wedding was even better than I had imagined, it was so beautiful and they looked so in love. I loved when Kendall told Zach she couldnít tell him she loved him enough and she could never say it loud enough and then when he said loving you is who I am, that is what really got me. I also thought it was great how they said they would be a family and I wonder where they are going to live, I hope they get a house because it would show that they are a more permanent couple.  I canít say enough how much I love this pairing and I havenít been this happy about the show since New Years Eve when Kendall told Zach that she did love him. I canít believe Kendall is referring to her son as Spike, although I do think he could have a worse name and it would definitely say that this boy would be a trouble maker. With the previews we know they are going back to Pine Valley and I hope that they can be together for a long time (forever would be my pick but that is highly unlikely in soaps) and I canít wait to see how everyone reacts, although some reactions are easier to guess then others.

The intervention that they started for JR is going so far as I expected and typical of interventions, the family is there telling him they love him but I donít think it is going to work out the way that they want it to. Things are really going to get interesting now that Dixie has shown up and although I wish she would tell them the truth about why she has been gone, I highly doubt that it will happen. I really eventually want Tad and Dixie back together but right now I wouldnít mind a Ryan and Dixie pairing, as I think they have the chemistry to make it work and I have enjoyed Ryan when he has been in scenes with Dixie.

I didnít think after four days of Zach and Kendall that we would get to end the week off with them also. It was nice seeing them together and the fact that they were married made it even more special. I loved the fact that Zach told Dixie that the crazy woman married him, I love it so much that I am enjoying them talking about it. I was very surprised that Kendall gave Babe a hug but I may be in the minority but I would much rather see them getting along than at each others throats because that is what Greenlee would have wanted and anything to ruin her plan works for me. I canít believe that JR went through with his plan for Babe, especially since the plan backfired and Kendall was the one who ended up getting hurt. I really hope that he has to take responsibility for what he has done.

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Updated 10/4/10

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