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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Pine Valley
By Christina


It was nice to see Zach on today and I am glad that he is out looking for Kendall because not only does that mean that he will get to spend some alone time with her but that they still have a chance to get back together. In typical Ryan fashion he is in Pine Valley allowing other people to find Kendall, guess he can only afford to care so much and usually this would annoy me but it works in my favor this time. I canít believe that Josh was flirting with Dixie and I was waiting for her to tell him that she had a son his age and wasnít interested in seeing him. I canít believe that David got JR and Babe to walk in and see Dixie, usually I like him but at that moment he was annoying me the most. Also glad to see Kendall today and it looks like her storyline is heating up.


I was really hoping that todayís episode was going to be really great since I had an exam today and need to relax from it but I had no luck today since it was a really dull episode for me. I watched Dixie and JR but just because I didnít want to miss their first meeting. The only thing that I found great about AMC was from the spoilers I read (which I will not reveal because some people are spoiler free) but I can say some made me happy and others not so happy but it made the day better than the actual episode.


I loved the welcome party that they had for Kendall at the spa, although I know something is up since it has to do with Dr. Madden, it was a fun scene. I also felt for JR today when he was dealing with finding out his mother is alive but I really have to admit that I found most of the episode to be uninteresting. I watched JRís scenes because I knew Jacob Young would be giving a great performance and I watched Kendallís scenes because she is my favorite character and Alicia Minshew is my favorite actress on the show. I am looking forward to tomorrow because we get some Zach and Kendall scenes and they always make my day better.


I loved seeing Zach and Kendall together today and I am really glad that he was not taking no for answer. I understand why Jackson wants to send Lily away but he canít keep doing that, especially since she will be a legal adult soon and he is going to cause her to run away. I canít believe that JR is now thinking that what Janet said about Babe is true, I know she was planning on doing that awhile back and I am no fan of Babe but I think whatever he tries to do will just blow up in his face. I think it will also cause a lot of pain, not just for him but for anyone who ends up getting involved.


Today was a really great day, I didnít want the episode to end because there was lots of Zach and Kendall and you could see that they are far from over. I loved how he said he was still in love with her and that he would be there in whatever way she wanted him to be. It was also nice that Ryan was standing up for Zach when Erica started bashing him and the fact that she compared him to Dr. Madden was what got me upset. I canít believe JR was thinking of that happening to Babe and since we saw it, I have a feeling it will happen but that it wonít be the way we are seeing it now.

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Updated 10/4/10

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