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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Pine Valley
By Christina


Usually Josh annoys me or makes me upset but today the scenes he had with Kendall were great and I actually felt something other than anger for his character. I canít believe out of everyone, that Erica tells Ryan that Josh is her son and the fact that she hasnít even told Jackson is what makes me upset with her. I am glad that Zach got more information out of Dixie about Kate and Dr. Madden but I still donít think it is enough to get Dr. Madden away from Kendall or to get Kendall to not want him as her doctor. It will be interesting to see what Kendall hears from the conversation between Zach and Dr. Madden but I have a bad feeling that Kendall will somehow turn this around so it is Zachís fault. 


It was nice to see Zach and Kendall together today but I wish it would have included some nicer conversation between the two of them. No matter how bad it looks right now, I still have hope they will reunite. Well yesterday I actually was not annoyed with Josh but that feeling did not last long because today I was back to being annoyed with him. I hate the way Josh treats Jamie and Julia, he thinks he is the greatest person. I wish Zach would have been able to get something more out of Dr. Madden but all we got was a bunch of the same old information.


At first I thought it was Babe who brought Erin to work for Fusion but I was surprised that it was actually Simoneís idea. I do think that Kendall over-reacted when she found out about this but I think she reacted the way I would when Ryan handed her the papers at the end of the episode. I felt bad for Lily today, even though I am not for or against her relationship with Jonathan, she looked really sad. I hated how Jackson kept blaming Jonathan for it, Jonathan never did anything to hurt Lily and the reason Lily is upset is because of what her father did.


I canít believe that Ryan is suing for custody of their child; he is really getting on my last nerve. I didnít like the way Kendall treated Zach when he arrived, I want them to get back together more than I want anything to happen on the show. I loved seeing Zach and Simone together on the roof; I hope that they can work things out, so they wonít hate each other. I wish Simone would have been pregnant with Ethanís child, I felt bad for her today and it was nice that Zach was there for her, especially how he got her to remember one of the memories that she shared with Ethan. Ryan should have just told Kendall the truth about Dr. Madden because that would have gotten her away from him, anything else they try to do will just push her away from them and closer to Dr. Madden. I hope that Jackson can help Kendall out with the problem she is having with Ryan.


I loved seeing Jackson and Kendall discussing her decision, I knew Jackson was going to tell her that there really isnít much she can do but that if she decides she wants to fight Ryan that he will be there to help. I do feel bad for Kendall because it seems like everyone is pushing her into a decision and making her feel guilty about wanting to give her child up for adoption. I canít believe that Tad saw Dixie; I knew it was coming but was very shocked that it happened at the end of todayís episode.

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Updated 10/4/10

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