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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Pine Valley
By Christina


Although it was not a happy moment, I was glad that we finally got to see Kendall interacting with Jonathan because if she decides to raise her child, Jonathan will be a part of their lives. Kendallís reaction was what I expected and when she left you could see how she was thinking about what it would be like if her child was going to spend time with Jonathan. I hope that Julia and Ryan become closer; I actually enjoy both of their characters more when they are together. It did look like Kendall was going to switch doctors but after her meeting with Jonathan, I think she may consider keeping Dr. Madden on and will even be more likely to consider adoption. The previews for tomorrow look really interesting because we get to see Zach and Kendall together and it also looks like the Kendall and Babe storyline at Fusion is progressing and in my opinion I donít think that Kendall could take Babe down and that Babe doesnít stand a chance.


I am so glad that Julia got a second opinion because now we know even more about how far Dr. Madden is willing to go to get something he wants. I loved seeing Kendall and Zach together and I loved the way he kept smiling at her and how she said she didnít mind being there. Zach can give her great advice and I think this is the start to them getting back together. I am glad that Kendall said that she wanted to know if she was in Oz because I couldnít believe that he said that, not that I canít see where he is coming from but that I never thought he would say it. I loved seeing Kendall and Zach together today, and I loved that he had a flashback of them together. Looks like the Fusion scenes will start up again tomorrow, I think they will be interesting but I wish Kendall and Babe could form a truce, not become friends but be able to work together better.


I was glad to see Simone back today and I am glad that we see Kendall and Danielle there for her. I loved the lines that Kendall had towards Babe today, I do want this to become more civil around Fusion but I donít want it to be too easy for Babe. I canít believe that Dixie hasnít left Pine Valley yet but I thought her departure was too easy and would have been very disappointing. I knew someone was going to catch Julia and Ryan and of course it had to be Josh Madden. I loved how Ryan fixed it so it looked like Ryan was just checking his email. I think that Ryan is making a connection between Erica and Dr. Madden; the way he looked at Erica was a big hint. I canít believe that Babe hired Amanda, it was the worst idea that Babe has ever had. Although I felt bad for Simone, I loved the way she went off on Amanda; it was a very emotional scene. It seems very interesting that Dixie knows Dr. Madden; I think their connection will have to do something with her daughter Kate but you can never be a 100% certain with soaps.


I am glad that Kendall took Zachís advice because I also think that both Ryan and Dr. Madden need to back off. For the first time I really saw Josh as more than this manipulative guy but also as a son when he was in the hospital room with his father. I think it is great that Amanda went off on Josh because he seems to be able to get away with everything. I donít like Dr. Madden but I do like that he offered Amanda a job because she could sure use the job. I loved seeing Kendall and Zach together and I am really glad that she thanked him for his help. Zach did seem surprised that she thanked him and I am hoping that they are on the road to getting back together. I canít believe that the reason Ryan wants Kendall to be a part of the childís life is so she can protect the child from Ryan, if Kendall finds this out, it will most likely play into the decision she makes. Tomorrow looks good, especially since Zach tells Kendall (once again) that he loves her and it is nice to see them getting along.


I feel like the next few weeks are going to prove interesting in terms of Dixie and I am really curious about knowing what happened to her while she was gone. I canít believe that Joe got Jeff to come home, he just canít leave this alone and I think it will be a very explosive homecoming. I really loved seeing Zach and Kendall together again today and it was especially great when he told her that he did it because he loved her. The way that they both look at each other, tells me that they are not over, this is great for someone who is a fan of them as a couple. I loved that Zach got upset with Dixie because he has been very patient with her and since her secret has to do with Kendall, she better tell him what it is. Ryan sure doesnít know the meaning of giving someone their space.

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Updated 10/4/10

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