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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Pine Valley
By Christina


I love that Kendall and Zach had scenes together and I hope this is the beginning of them getting back together. I am glad that Babe said that she forgave Amanda. It was great how Zach told Kendall that she does love her child and that if anyone says any different that they are wrong. I love how Zach knows what to tell Kendall and she knows what to say to him, they have this deep connection that no one else has had with them. It was funny seeing Dixie dressed up as a doctor and it was cute how little Adam kept saying JR. It was sweet seeing JR with little Adam, they look great together. Glad we got to see Jack again but I am not that interested in Erica right now and so their scenes are not that fun to watch.


I loved seeing Erin and Aidan so happy together, they both deserve it and it is nice to see a couple happy. I loved seeing the look on Joeís face when he found out that David did have his license back. I couldnít believe that Tad ripped off the sheets because he thought that Aidan was sleeping in, he sure got a surprise and so did Aidan and Erin. Although Di is not one of my favorite people, I do enjoy the scenes she has with Erin and the friendship we get to see between the two of them.


The best part of todayís episode was the end, when David saw Dixie on the tape and was going to put it to a vote but was stopped by Zach. I loved it because I knew that Zach would do anything to protect those he has told he would protect and I had a feeling that he would be the one to stop David. I also loved Tadís reaction when he got to the Chandler mansion and saw JR, Babe, Krystal and Adam happy, it did seem like an alternate universe and although I enjoyed watching a bit of it, after awhile it got to be too much after awhile. I loved how Dixie showed up at the mansion and I really hope that she either reveals herself by choice or because someone drags her out in front of everyone since this is going on long enough.


I canít believe that Dr. Madden ambushed Kendall and Ryan like that and for once I was glad to see Ryan because he was able to stop Dr. Madden from railroading Kendall. I thought that the wedding was beautiful, although I couldnít stand to watch the whole thing, I do think it had its moments. I loved how Babe gave JR that snow globe; it was a very sweet sentiment. I canít believe how Janet thought that she didnít kill anyone and I think that Zach might have gotten through to her but you can never be too sure. I loved seeing Dixie at the wedding, I do wish that she would have revealed herself but I loved how emotional she got and was very excited that David saw her because that means one more person knows the truth. It is nice to see Jamie and JR finally getting along; I think that is at least one of the good things to come from JR forgiving everyone.


I loved Davidís reaction when he first saw Dixie, it was great that he took her and gave her a kiss. I think it is interesting that Julia is going to Dr. Madden for help; this should prove to be interesting down the road. Day two of the Chandler double wedding continues and the first day was enough and this second day is too much to handle and I canít wait until it is over. Julia is not one of my favorite characters but I did really feel bad for her today when Dr. Madden said that she couldnít have children and that there was no way for him to help her. I thought it was very sweet of David to say that he wanted to go with Dixie because he canít lose her again. Although I understand why both Ryan and Kendall feel the way they do about Dr. Madden, the guy gives me the creeps and I wish that Kendall would change doctors. Of course, Ryan just happens to walk by when Julia is crying after getting the news from Dr. Madden but I really donít mind that much because I want them together so he will give Kendall more space and so they wonít get back together again.

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Updated 10/4/10

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