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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Pine Valley
By Christina


Overall today was an okay day and the only reason I found it to be good was because Kendall was on and she is my favorite, if she wouldnít have been on today, then for the most part I would have been bored. I loved how long it took Julia to figure out that Kendall didnít know anything and the only reason she knew anything was because Ryan showed up. Although I love the character Kendall, I donít like how she is always threatening to take away Ryanís rights as a father. I also did enjoy seeing Jonathan and Janet together; I had been hoping we would get a scene where he asked her why she did this to him. I hope that Babe and JR either get married or end it for good because it is getting annoying and Krystal is not helping the situation either. We finally get to see Jack and Erica together and I am glad he told her about Jonathan and that for now she hasnít told him, although I hope she does tell him but just not now. It is funny how happy Joe is about Josh being a part of their family and I know that the truth is going to come out but I just want it to stay a secret for awhile. Out of all the people Kendall had to see after her confrontation with Ryan and Julia, it of course had to be Dr. Madden, this should be interesting, especially if Ryan sees Kendall with him since Ryan did promise to help keep Kendall away from Dr. Madden.


I really thought that Kendall was great today; you could feel what she was going through and how she doesnít know what the right decision is for her and her child. I really felt bad for Kendall when she was talking about how she didnít feel that connection to her child like other motherís do.  The only part of the Babe and JR scenes that I liked today was the scene where JR gave her the ring and the only reason I liked it was because I love the ring, and really want it. Although I know that have to make a decision, I wish that Ryan would learn to take a hint and give Kendall her space, for a guy who promised to do whatever Kendall wanted; he sure does ignore her needs. I canít believe that Erica was searching on the internet for an untraceable poison; you think that since David is around, she could get what she wanted and wouldnít have to go searching for it on the internet.


It was very  unexpected and cute to see Tad, Di, Aidan and Erin out together bowling, I couldnít help but laugh at their scenes and really loved when Tad called Aidan a European suck-up and when he used his own version on an English accent. I was also glad to see Leven back in the role of Lily, she was missed and I would love to say thank you to Portia for doing a great job during Levenís absence. I felt bad for Dixie when she was hallucination and during one of her lucid moments, I loved when she asked Zach if he loved Kendall and even got him to reveal that he does still love her. I like the fact that Jonathan got a job at the hospital and I think it will cause more drama, as it would be a mistake to not take advantage of it. The conversation between Ryan and Kendall was interesting and I was glad that they told each other how they were feeling about the child they share but was very shocked and upset when Kendall asked Ryan to make love to her. I thought it was interesting that Dixie mentioned Kate and I was hoping that when Zach asked her who Kate was, that Dixie would say a little bit more but she didnít. Although I do believe Kate will be discussed more after Dixie feels better or at least when her family discovers that she is alive. 


Glad that Kendall mentioned that Dr. Madden said it was okay because I was wondering why she would be able to make love to Ryan since the last thing we heard was that she couldnít because it was a risk. The only thing Ryan has recently done that I like is turning Kendall down, and it is only because I want Zach and Kendall back together. I didnít like most of the Babe and JR scenes, except the last ones in the montage when they were together in the hospital bed; they looked happy which is a nice change. I loved all of the flashbacks that we got today; I always find them interesting. I was really happy that Zach had one of Kendall and him on New Years Eve.


I thought today was an okay episode, the only scenes in the episode that I really loved happened at the very end and did not last long and they were the scenes that had Zach and Kendall on the Fusion rooftop. I loved the scenes where they were showing JR with Tad and Babe and had the voice over of Di telling Dixie about what has happened with JR recently. I canít believe that Erica actually poisoned Dr. Madden, especially so soon after she stabbed Zach. Although I know David now knows that Dixie is alive, I canít way to see the reaction on his face and on Dixieís face.

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Updated 10/4/10

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