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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Pine Valley
By Christina


Although I donít think I want to see a romantic relationship between Lily and Jonathan, I do like seeing them as friends and I hope that whatever happens that they do remain friends. I liked the fact that Zach was there for Dixie today, I think they would make great friends but do not want a romantic relationship between them. I have been getting annoyed with Babe and Janet for awhile now but today when Janet was explaining what was happened with her husband, I actually found that I could watch their scenes without feeling annoyed. I was happy to see Reggie today but donít like how he is just being used to chaperon Lily, he deserves his own storyline. I did not like seeing Zach staring at the gun, I have a bad feeling that something terrible is going to happen involving the gun and I hope that I am wrong. I canít wait until everyone finds out that Dixie is alive, all of this hiding is getting annoying but I think that when the reveal happens that the reactions by those in Pine Valley will be worth the entire wait. I loved that Ryan got the divorce papers from Greenlee and that she went back to being Greenlee DuPres, although I donít really like Ryan or Greenlee, since she isnít on the show anymore it was another way to stick it to Ryan. As long as she isnít seeking anymore revenge on Kendall or another character that I like, then I donít mind Greenlee taking revenge out on Ryan.


I loved how Dixie was explaining to Zach who Janet is and she did it perfectly with one word, CRAZY. I think it is sad how Janet still thinks Trevor is alive, however at least we got an explanation as to why she did it and that she hasnít really processed what has happened. I am glad that Amanda figured out where her mother probably is because then that means that Janet will most likely be found soon and her storyline will be over FINALLY.


I felt bad for Zach today when he found out that Janet was the reason that Ethan died. I did like that we got some Zach and Kendall scenes today, even though it was a dream sequence. I also felt bad for Kendall today when she had that nightmare and then when to Zachís office and found his will, the gun, the casino license and Ethanís obituary. Although it wasnít a great idea, I am glad that Amanda would do anything to try and help find her mother since she kept quiet about everything and then people died. I loved when Babe went off on Janet, although it didnít work out so well for her. I did like to see more of Zach and Kendall today; I loved when she saw him and hugged him, although I wish she wouldnít have gone off on him later on in the conversation. 


I loved how Dixie was trying to get through to Zach by telling him he had every reason to leave and since Kendall couldnít get through to him, I hope Dixie can. I love flashbacks and so today I was glad to get to see a few of them with Tad, David and Janet. I love seeing little Adam, he is such a cute little boy and I love seeing the actors ad-libbing when he says something, like today with Janet when he pointed to the ceiling and was playing with his pig and then she would include something about that in her lines. I felt bad for Zach today when he was talking about Ethan and how he has no right to be here when his son is dead and I hope things start to go good for him soon. I also hope Zach and Kendall back together and I think that Dixie might be the key to bringing them closer. I felt really bad for JR, the scenes he had with Di were very emotional and I canít wait until he gets his son and Babe back. I loved that it was Amanda who was able to get her mother to give up little Adam and to see JR holding little A was very emotional. I am glad that JR was the one to figure out where Babe was and she is lucky that they got there when they did. I am glad that Zach told Dixie that little Adam is going to be okay and I wonder how much longer she is going to hide from them.


I am glad that we get to see Kendall today but I wish she wasnít with Ryan. I also like how Janet knows that Dixie is alive and that no one else believes her. It is nice of Zach to find a place for Dixie to stay until she does reveal herself. I canít believe that Josh is going to intern at the hospital but I am not surprised that he is trying to use this for some publicity. I felt bad for Amanda today when she found out about her father and then when she saw him and that was emotional. I actually enjoyed Babe scenes today when she was in the hospital with JR. Julia is so obvious, you can tell she is falling for Ryan and trying to keep a place in his life. I canít believe that Ryan is still even considering Juliaís offer to adopt his child with Kendall. I loved how Kendall pretended she knew what Ryan and Julia had been talking about and that she got Julia to tell her what she didnít know. I am glad that JR proposed to Babe but I do hope that if/when they get married that they stay that way for awhile, this back and forth with them is giving me a headache.

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Updated 10/4/10

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