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The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
Todayís Episode
By Christina

Although the scenes were emotional, I thought the scenes with Kendall and Zach at the hospital were great. And although I donít care for Ryan right now, I did like that he was there for Kendall. I also liked seeing Reggie and Kendall interacting today, I wish we could see more of them together. I did like seeing more of Dixie today but I really canít wait till everyone finds out that she is alive. 

I didnít like how Di was asking Tad to have a chance to be with him, even though she knew that Dixie was alive and that she was right there. 

P.S- To all those who havenít seen todayís episode, make sure you have some tissues, it is a very emotional episode with everyone from Kendall to Zach to Simone to Julia.

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Updated 10/4/10

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