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Pine Valley Voice #4
By Amanda Reeves

Mystery no more…Jonboy is revealed, but did they have to kill him?

Ok, I know that Jonathan has been playing Dr. Evil for quite awhile now, but why get rid of the character. I think that Jonathan provided some much needed variety to a show that has been so focused on baby switching in recent history. After he hit Maggie, there was huge potential for a great character arch, but after Maggie left, it seems like that potential for Jonathan just fizzled away.

Why bring back Braden just to make Jonathan worse? I was interested in how AMC would try to redeem Jonathan, and with the constant mentioning of Braden, I really thought that AMC had found a good angle to start his path to redemption. Braden was already guilty of a violent crime, so it was plausible that he was the one behind the crimes of late. With Braden to blame, the only crime Jonathan would have been guilty of was hitting Maggie, which is awful, but at least everyday people get help for this and succeed. Domestic violence is real and could have really been a great story for AMC to play out. Unfortunately, it looks like this was not the intended direction for Jonathan’s character.

So we know Jonathan killed Edmund, poisoned Greenlee, and tried to kill Ryan… whoopadeedo. This is drama, people, and it is what daytime is all about. I know of many other characters that have done evil deeds that can rival Jonathan’s actions and have done even worse. These characters are still on our televisions day in and day out, or at the very least, lived through a redemption period. I’m not saying that everything was going to be easy, but honestly, when is anything really easy in daytime that’s worth seeing? Killing Jonathan is an easy way out, and I feel cheated. Frankly, I don’t care what happens to Ryan. He couldn’t help his brother, boo hoo. I don’t like how this is going to be all about him, now. He irked me after leaving his wife to help Jonathan instead of getting him serious help. In my opinion, Ryan needs a redemption period as well, and I will be sorely upset if they just drop him back into his regular storyline of the all mighty Ryan after his visions of Jonathan stop.

Even with Jonathan guilty and Braden dead, I would rather Jonathan stay alive and stay on the show. I’m holding out hope that his body will not be found, so that he can return. Since he was wacko when he committed his crimes, it is feasible that he could get off on an insanity plea, and then Jonathan could get the therapy he needs and return a changed man. He could feel horrible for the things that he has done, which can provide storylines for his family, Greenlee’s family, and Maria’s family. Although, I would rather not see bratty Sam – his over-the-top attitude is nauseating.

Soap Scum

My choice this month is Ryan. He did not listen to anyone’s warnings to get the police involved. He did not get Jonathan the real help that he needed, and now I have this sinking feeling that I will be subjected to his poor me crap for the duration of May sweeps, at the very least. I miss Ryan and Gillian being together. She always brought out the best in him. I still remember rushing home on my lunch hour to watch them together because I could not wait to watch it when I got home after work – ahhh memories.

Soap Dish

As I’ve been saying all along, I think Ryan will feel guilty about Jonathan, spiral out of control, and ultimately destroy his marriage to Greenlee (I can hope, anyway). J.R. is going to continue with his vendetta against the Babe clan – but will “Dixie” put him back in his place? Zach will propose marriage, but not to the person he loves. I think Ethan will have new reasons for hating his father. I think Maria will continue to try and get Zach’s forgiveness, which I think he should be dishing out some of those apologies to her.

Until next time, I’m off my Soapbox.

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Updated 9/28/10

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