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Pine Valley Voice #3
By Amanda Reeves

To be or not to be the murderer that is the question Zach is asking…

If you read my article last month, it looks like my speculation on a murder mystery surrounding Edmund’s death was right on target. Not that I like to toot my own horn, but TOOT-TOOT! Wow…that felt a little too good.

Now that my ego’s in check (and all of you spoiler lovers have stopped rolling your eyes), I’ll continue…

I think at this point we can all agree that Zach did not kill Edmund because in fictional situations like this, things are never as they seem. After Ethan’s little flashback, there is no doubt in my mind that Zach is innocent; although, there never really was any doubt in my mind. If you remember in the episodes leading up to and on the day of the killing, several people were shown wearing black gloves. I do not know about you, but I time warped to the whole “…if it doesn't fit, you must acquit…” speech in the O.J. trial, but I digress. At this point, I am going to go out on a limb and say that the person who killed Edmund is not going to be one of the people we saw wearing black gloves – it’s too convenient.

There is a lot of speculation going around that Jonathan is the one who killed Edmund since the proverbial ‘They’ are saying that the person who killed Edmund is also the person who shot Ryan and poisoned Greenlee. I think that is a possibility. He had opportunity since we were not privy to his whereabouts before he arrived at Maggie’s apartment. He also had motive if he was, in fact, the one who shot Ryan. However, now we have learned that Ryan’s other brother, Braden, is in town and is the one who tried to kill him. Of course, we learned this from Jonathan, and Mr. Credible he is not. Both Jonathan and Braden are likely suspects, and maybe Jonathan and Braden are one in the same.

Ethan is also a plausible suspect in Edmund’s murder. He did hit Zach in the back with a shovel moments before the same thing happened to Edmund, so we all know that he is not above violence. I do think if it was Ethan, however, he came back to finish off Zach, and not being aware that Edmund could walk, he attacked the wrong guy. If Ethan did kill Edmund in this manner, then in Ethan’s mind Zach is responsible for Edmund’s death.

Bobby is also a possibility since Edmund paid him the money to tell everyone that Zach was behind Ryan’s shooting. After Bobby bailed, Edmund went on the warpath, so maybe Bobby arrived and decided to get rid of the only witness to his payoff. He can then lie and say he never told Edmund that Zach was the shooter.

Now time for the not-so-believable suspect – Lilly; I think that all parties in the barn are possible suspects until proven otherwise. We know that she was upset with Aidan since she caught him smooching Anita. It is conceivable that she hid in the barn and was startled by Edmund. I also think it is conceivable that she put the heater on the hay because it was red; although, the hands we saw that handled the heater looked to be man’s hands. Again, we were only shown what the people at AMC wanted us to see and believe. If Lilly was involved, I do not think that the death and the fire have to be linked together; she could have done one and not the other. I do think that Lilly is the least likely suspect, but it will be interesting to see how her character develops over the next few weeks/months because she definitely knows more than she is letting on.

We now come full circle back to Zach. We all know that he had both motive and opportunity – more so than anyone. He is in love with Edmund’s wife, and he knew Edmund was lying to her. Plus he was “found” standing over Edmund’s body with the murder weapon by his upstanding son, no less. I think one of the reasons Zach is allowing everyone to pin the murder on him is because he knows that Ethan was the only person waving a shovel around like a madman. If there is any chance that Ethan is the killer, Zach is going to protect his son (even though Ethan is playing dirty, and we all know he is lying). Zach did try to confide in Maria immediately following Edmund’s death, but she was too grief stricken to comprehend what just happened, let alone comprehend anything Zach had to say. I think Zach is letting Maria believe he killed Edmund because everything is just too much for her to handle right now, even though he did try to tell her the truth more than once. Maria is just not ready to believe that Edmund had turned on her, so Zach is giving her the room she needs to deal with everything. I do think it hurts Zach to let Maria believe he killed Edmund, but I think it hurts him even more that she would actually believe it. Zach and Maria have a lot of unfinished business, and when the truth finally does come out, I for one cannot wait to see how these two will handle it. On a personal note, I think that Thorsten Kaye is an excellent addition to the cast of AMC who has quickly become one of my favorites to watch. I honestly cannot wait to see the range of emotion Zach will display when the truth comes out, and I think we are in for some superb acting from Mr. Kaye and all parties involved in this storyline.

As for Edmund’s murderer, I think Braden and Bobby are our best choices as of now with Ethan, and a case of mistaken identity, not far behind. Besides the reasons already stated regarding Braden and Bobby, I also think that these two are more likely since neither is currently a major player on the show and will not be missed when thrown in the slammer. However, this story is sure to twist and turn and point at many different people until it is finally solved, so I think we have a long and bumpy ride ahead of us before the truth is revealed.

Soap Scum

This was a hard choice since I usually like him, but I am going to have to choose Ethan. He is really embracing his evil side right now, and since I added my personal aside about Zach being one of my favorites, I really hope that Ethan will come around in the months ahead. For his sake, I hope it is sooner rather than later because wrath thy name is Kendall, and she will not take lightly to his lies.

Soap Dish

As stated last month, I still think Ryan will feel guilty about Jonathan, spiral out of control, and ultimately destroy his lack-love marriage to Greenlee, for which I want a front-row seat. I think that J.R. is going to continue with his vendetta against the Babe clan – unfortunately, I think we are in this for the long haul. Krystal is going to meet someone in prison, and many people are speculating that it is Dixie – not really sure about that one, so we will have to wait and see. Ethan is going to continue blaming his “father” for everything until we all double over from the nausea caused by rolling our eyes too much. I still think that Maria will eventually find comfort and hot steamy sex with Zach, albeit down the road since she is now under the impression he killed her husband.

Until next time, I’m off my Soapbox.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 9/28/10

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