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Pine Valley Voice #2
Amanda Reeves

Get the broom, it’s time for SWEEPS! One of the few times of the year were we, as viewers, can take advantage of television bureaucracy and enjoy some great shows.

So far, sweeps have been pretty exciting. Edmund paid Bobby to tell everyone that Zach is behind Ryan’s shooting. Of course, the weasel popped right out of town after his handsome incentive without talking to the police. What was Edmund thinking? Did he really think that Bobby would do the honorable thing and meet his end of the bargain? Me thinks not. Of course, I use the word ‘honorable’ very loosely here, since we all know Bobby is about as honorable as any other lowlife.

I am personally getting a little tired of the James/Ace/Junior Junior cross-over story. It HAS been going on for a year. However, the last few of weeks have been interesting. After a couple defunct attempts (and Babe testifying about the original DNA test), the courts finally agreed to conduct a legal DNA test to establish paternity. I know that this is Soap Never Never Land, so the realm of possibility does get stretched. But, I maintain the mentality that it should still be plausible, and I just do not feel that this story is. A good thing that has come out of this story is that Babe is not trying to get Bianca’s forgiveness; she knows what she has done is unforgivable, and I think that Bianca can understand why it all happened. The story between these two estranged friends has a lot of potential, and I hope that it gets explored. As for James/Ace/Junior Junior, obviously he is not going to be awarded to someone who is not is biological parent, especially since he was kidnapped from his biological parents, so please God, make the cross-over story end!

As for J.R., I smell something brewing with his new ally, Ethan. This new acquaintanceship smells fishy, and not the expensive fish egg kind. Ethan is already displaying some disturbing behavior. He held his mean old daddy at gunpoint after finding out about his true parentage, and then there was that weird thing on the bluffs with Kendall. I see a lot of potential here too and really hope that we get to see some evil side of Ethan.

Speaking of evil sides, we found out something interesting about Ryan – he IS a Lavery. While Erica was doing a bit of early spring cleaning – well at least someone on her staff was – she found some things that belonged to Chris Stamp and called Ryan. On Ryan’s little trip down memory lane, with Erica in the passenger seat, they came across Chris’ journal – RED FLAG. This is one of those moments when we look at the screen and wonder what is about to happen since we know discovering a journal is never about nothing. We have all been in traffic and passed by an accident; we know not to look, but we are still drawn too it. It is morbid curiosity, and we are all guilty of it. However, in daytime, and especially in this care, it is less “morbid” and more “huh?” I think this story could have been built up a little more. Nevertheless, it is a revelation that Ryan has to deal with, and with brother number two in town and acting all evil, he has the potential to visit that evil side, too. Oh how I will long for the days of Ryan and Gillian – one day.

On a happy note, Bianca kissed Maggie! Of course, her timing was lousy, but drama is the quintessential key to a good a soap opera. At least now Maggie knows that what Jonathan is doing is not healthy and should get out of the relationship. To echo the words of Mr. Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Soap Scum

This month, my Soap Scum winner may be a little less obvious since I did not devote my entire article on him like I did for last month’s winner. I am going to choose Edmund for reasons already discussed and due to some info I have in the Soap Dish section, which I will not display here for those who wish to remain spoiler-free. This Edmund is not Edmund to me; in my opinion, he is a shell of the man, and for that reason, I will now refer to him as just “Ed.” Ed has been behaving weird, and I really do not quite know how else to say it. He wants out of his marriage until he decides that he should try to work things out. Then he pays, bribes (tomato, tomato) Bobby to tell everyone that Zach is behind Ryan’s shooting. Finally, Maria decides to drop her divorce petition, yet Ed does not withdraw his counter-petition. This is all weird, and Ed gives me the creeps.

Soap Dish

Spoiler Alert – It has been rumored that the actor who plays Edmund has been let go. Bianca will be going away to Paris and it is rumored that Maggie will be joining her. It is also rumored that General Hospital has their eye on an All My Children actress to be cast in the role of Sara Webber. Apparently, this actress has a fan base that also sparked General Hospital’s interest. Not sure if the actress is one who is currently exiting – maybe one of the gals going to Paris, perhaps – or someone who is not currently being written out. At any rate, it will be interesting to see if any AMC alumni gets the role.

As for my take on all of this and the other characters, I think the following will happen: Bianca and Maggie will ride off into the sunset, leaving Ryan to deal with Jonathan. Ryan will feel guilty about Jonathan, spiral out of control, and ultimately destroy his lack-love marriage to Greenlee. Ed will leave – hopefully some good ol’ murder mystery – and Maria will eventually find comfort and hot steamy sex with Zach. Since we all know that Kevin is not Ace/James/Junior Junior’s pappy, he will be out of the storyline, and with the help of his new found friend, Ethan, J.R. will get custody of the baby, and we will finally be able to drop two of the names.

Until next time, I’m off my Soapbox.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 9/28/10

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