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Pine Valley Voice #1
Amanda Reeves

Jonathan, Jonathan, JonathanÖSomethingís been brewing with this character for some time now, and with the jaw-dropping hit of his love, Maggie, this character is now boiling.

Sadly, domestic violence is all too common in todayís society, and although AMC is our pleasurable escape from our mundane lives, if they can stay true to the reality of this abuse, it will be an excellent opportunity to bring to it awareness and understanding. So, what better choice than Jonathan to bring this story, and his relationship with Maggie, to the front burner? I know that some people are wondering why AMC chose a newbie like Jeff Branson for such an important story, but honestly, I think that they chose two great characters, and actors, to pull off such a powerful storyline, which is sure to bring Jeff Branson to powerhouse status.

To make this story plausible, we have to understand why these characters would be susceptible to this. Maggie has always been a strong woman, so why would she stay with a man who would hit her? Jonathan is completely in love with Maggie, so why would he want to hurt her in the first place? These are both valid questions that warrant honest answers, which AMC is able to answer with the flawless back story of Jonathan and Maggie. Both of these characters came from abusive families. Maggie and her twin sister, Frankie, had an abusive mother; Jonathan and Ryan had an abusive father. This back story is a great way to set up this storyline since it makes it all that more believable. I know that reality is not always this black and white since there are people who come from abusive families that have totally normal relationships, but with the complexity of Jonathan that we are beginning to see, I do not think this story would have worked with Jonathanís brother, Ryan, who grew up in the same household. I really feel that if AMC would have tried this story with Ryan and Greenlee it not only would have felt unbelievable, but it also would have felt forced, which is soap opera suicide. We have all experienced those ridiculous plot points that have come out from left field, which do nothing but exercise our eye rolling abilities, but with Jonathan in this story I think the part of the body we all exercised was picking our jaws off of the floor. This is the reaction that makes viewing exciting, rather than feeling like daily upkeep.

Jonathan has been showing signs of abusive behavior for awhile now, even though we did not know it at the time. He did not tell Maggie about Bianca being in the hospital, and who could forget about the infamous blouse? As we saw in the scene between Bianca and Anita, one of the signs of domestic abuse includes distancing your mate from his or her friends, which Jonathan has obviously done. However, any man would feel threatened by his loverís past flings, which is another reason why this story is plausible for these two characters. I know that most men probably feel secure in their romantic relationships because they stood out from other men to win the affection of the women in their lives. In troubled relationships, men can try to find a way to provide what is lacking, and once the source of the problem is found, the couple can work together to rectify it. But in Jonathanís case, he is worried that what Maggie wants is another woman. How can he compete with that? He canít.

We all know that Bianca has strong feelings for Maggie, and this month, she confessed her love. Of course, Maggie didnít want to hear it Ė a case of too little, too late Ė but Bianca cares for her none the less. Maggie is her best friend. She helped Bianca through the lowest point in her life. Now, it is Biancaís turn to help Maggie, but one cannot help one who is in denial, which the land where Maggie currently resides. Bianca is not only going to have to be patient, but also very cunning with her motivation, so that she does not spook Maggie and loose all of her trust. This is a very thin, vague line that Bianca must be careful not to cross. We already know that she can be sly because she was able to confirm the lie from, of all sources, Jonathan. He was unaware that Maggie told her that she got the bruise on her face from the gym, so when Bianca casually mentioned Maggie getting the bruise in the kitchen, Jonathan went along with the kitchen story.

This story is one to be very riveting to watch unfold. I for one am really looking forward to the range of emotions that will be brought out by not only Jonathan and Maggie, but all those people who love them.

Soap Scum

Each month, I am going to pick a character who displayed cruel, vindictive, malicious behavior over the past month, or someone who displays this behavior over time. Sometimes it may not be very obvious, and other times it will be no surprise. This month is no surprise. Wait for drum rollÖAnd the winner is Jonathan Lavery. I can hear the gasps of shock all through cyberspace. Just to clarify, this recognition is not necessarily a bad thing. For a character to be despicable it requires a lot of skills from the actor. Besides if everyone was good, daytime television would be as dull as watching paint dry. Who knew that being bad could be so good?

Soap Dish

In the Soap Dish segment of this article, Iím going to discuss theories that may or may not become spoilers so be forewarned. I will note when something has been confirmed as a spoiler, but mostly, Iím going to discuss my own unfounded theories as to what might happen on the show.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, we will keep with similarity and discuss my speculation about Jonathan, which was vindicated by Greenlee, who finally pulled her head out of Ryanís rear long enough to have an intelligent theory about who really poisoned her. She now thinks that Jonathan had something to do with it, which is what Iíve been thinking for weeks! I believe Jonathan poisoned her because of his weird obsession with Ryan. As more information comes to light, my assumption gets stronger, especially now that we know that he can be harmful to women. However, now that Greenlee suspects him, this leaves room for the writers to come up with something to throw us off guard; it is what they do best.

Until next time, Iím off my Soapbox.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 9/28/10

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