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Toshio's Opinion

 Welcome back to my View! How are you? Im doing well. November is here. Halloween went pass and Thanksgiving is around the corner (23 days left). All My Children is great and leave us fans with great cliffhangers each day. I do not have a specific topic to discuss. Therefore, Im going to talk about different things such as Babe/JR, Josh Madden, and Dr. Greg Madden. Therefore, sit comfortable in your seat and take your time to read and enjoy my opinion.

Pine Valley is lacking when it comes to couples. How many couples are there on AMC? There are not much couples. It barely shows the couples they do have. Sam/Lily is a great young couple but they need to go through some real drama. Drama makes couples stronger. Also, it needs to show them more together. Simone/Ethan was a great couple but now it never shows them. I wan to see more of Simone/Ethan. I heard rumors about Jonathan are going to have feelings for Simone and act on them. I wants to see Ethan/Simone/Jonathan angle. The best and strongest couple in Pine Valley is Erica/Jack. Who is better than that couple? They know each other from inside and out. I admire how both of them are there for each other no matter what happens.

Im rooting for some people to get together such as Babe/JR. They make a cute couple. They are similar in many ways such as putting family first. They should re-start a family. I know one thing; Babe will be there for JR when he is hurt especially when he discovered that Di is not Dixie. Second, Im wishing AMC build up Aidan/Anita relationship. They are the one for each other. Aidan should give Anita the dream house in which she dreams of since she was a small girl. Third, Reggie and Danielle should get back together. They are lost without each other. Im tire seeing Reggie with Lily even though he is her brother. Reggie needs drama in his life. If Danielle and Josh get together, I will be mad. Josh is old for Dani. Why did Dani lost her virginity to Josh? I hope Ryan and Greenlee stay together even though Ryan hurted her. They should separate if Greenlee leave Pine Valley. I am rooting for Krystal and Adam to stay married. They make me laugh as a married couple. Adam has a small crush on Krystal. They make a cute couple because they are different. They do have one thing in common in which they will do anything for their child. In the beginning, I did wanted Krystal and Tad to go out but I realize when the real Dixie Cooney Martin come back to Pine Valley, Tad will give his heart back to Dixie and forget about Krystal. Last, I want Zach and Kendall to become a couple. Zack knows how to handle Kendall and make her happy. Zach is a good man and wants the people he loves safe and happy.

AMC should get rid of some characters and develop new ones. One of those characters is Josh Madden. What is his purpose on the show? I do not like to see him with Danielle, Babe, or Amanda. Dr. Greg Madden is another character that AMC should get rid of because he does not catch my attention. Dr. Greg Madden and Josh are dull. They are boring to watch. Im hoping the storyline between Dr. Greg, Josh, and Erica Kane is good. The storyline could make me start being fans of Dr. Greg and Josh Madden. Beside them two, AMC have a great cast. They work very hard and give us a hour of great drama.

Last, it is great to see how some of the storylines are unfolding and developing. It is good to see Julia Santos getting her life back. Im wishing and hoping Noah come back to Pine Valley for Julia. Therefore, I think Noah is not dead and he is finding his way back home to Julia. Did you heard about Greenlee leaving Pine Valley? I heard a rumor saying that once Greenlee finds out about Jonathan she is going to leave Ryan and Pine Valley. Kendall will have a lot of drama because she is not having Ryan and Greenlee baby. Dr. Greg Madden implanted another sperm inside of Kendall. I think Kendall is having Zach baby. Kendall is going to find out the truth and feels Zach had something to do with it and hate him. Zach will have nothing to do with it. He will be shock himself. Di storyline is unfolding. There are more to Dis story. She did not fully tell the truth. It did touch my heart to see JR hurt and crying because of Di. He is going berserk because he almost kills Ryan at the park. Im hoping and wishing Babe comfort him. Also, I did feel sad for Di because majority everyone in Pine Valley hate her except Del and Julia. Di only wants a family who loves her. If she wants forgiveness from others such as JR and Tad, she needs to bring back Dixie Cooney Martin. I am about to go. I advise you to watch All My Children every day on ABC (daytime) and/or on SoapNet (nighttime). We, All My Children fans, are seeing great drama. Im looking forward to the November sweeps because great storylines will be developing and/or unfolding. Before I go, I heard a big character/s is coming back to Pine Valley this month. Which character/s do you thing will make a return back to Pine Valley? Im guessing on Dixie Cooney and/or Noah Keefer. See ya! Watch All My Children and thank you for reading my view! ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!!!


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Updated 9/28/10

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