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Toshio's Opinion

Hello! My name is Toshio Fish. Im a new writer for The TV MegaSite. Ill give you my opinion about my favorite Daytime Soap on television, All My Children. I will try to take time out of my busy schedule at least every two or three weeks to give you my opinion about All My Children. First, after you read my articles, I would like to hear your opinion by e-mailing me. In your e-mail give me your opinion and ask me many questions. Ill try to post your question with my answer in the next article. Therefore, my e-mail address is

Im going to discuss about Di Kirby and who I think is the Dragon. First, I have to give my props to Kelli Giddish who play Di Kirby. She is a great actress. She deserves to be nominated for at least Supporting Actress in the 2005 2006 Daytime Emmy Award. We know Di Kirby is not the angel Dixie Cooney Martin. She is the half sister of Dixie but full sister of Del Henry. Therefore, her real name is Di Henry. Im curious why Kirby is her last name. Why did she use Kirby when she was in prison? Was she married before or is that the name she goes by in the organization she is working for (if she is working for
one)? Second, we know Di was in prison. Why and how long was she in prison? Could she have been in prison for months or years? I have many questions such as why was she in prison. Did she comit or was involved in a crime? Was she an accomplice in the killing of Noah? Is she part of an organization? If she is involved in an organization, what is the name of the organization? Did she kill Dixie Cooney Martin? Why is she scared of car lights in her eyes? Why did her half brother, Del Henry, return back to Pine Valley? There are more than hundred questions that need to be answer about Di Kirby. I feel she did not kill Noah Keefer but was there when the person (Dragon) killed him. She went to jail for lying on the stand about the death of Noah Keefer because she was protecting herself from getting killed by the Dragon. I do know she is jealous of Dixie Cooney. Why would she want to steal her half sisters identity? Later, the real Dixie will arrive back at Pine Valley and expose that Di Kirby is a con. David Haywood is the one who knows everything about Di. He has a secret and the secret is that she is not Dixie. Im going to feel sad for JR and Tad. Both of them will be damaged when they found out the truth about Di. They will find comfort in the Carey women, Babe and Krystal. I love this storyline. By the end of October, I believe the storyline will be unfolded.

Who is the Dragon? We know the Dragon is inside, used to be, and/or will come back Pine Valley. Many people feel the Dragon is Garret Williams, Mimi's soon to be husband. I agree with them for many reasons. One, Garret acts strange. He acted strange ever since he came to Pine Valley. Do you see how he acts to his soon to be step-daughter, Danielle? Second, we do not know anything about him such as his past. We can assume that the he looks powerful and a secretive person. Third, Mimi Reed and Derek Frye are in charge of Julia Santos case. He knows Mimi is in charge of protecting Julia and is using her only for information about her whereabouts. I would not be shocked to see him looking and searching around private information about Julia. It will lead Mimi to find out the truth abut Garret and end their marriage. In the beginning, Mimi would not believe Dani about Garret having a crush on her as a girlfriend. I do have a feeling that Bobby Warner, Anita Santos ex husband, have something to do with the Dragon. There is a big reason why Bobby left Pine Valley fast. He could help the Dragon to kill Noah and that will lead Anita Santos to get involved in the storyline. Who was Bobby giving the money to when he always needed some? Therefore, I feel Garret is the Dragon. Garret's real name is Kevin Sturgers or Kevin Sturgers real name is Garret Williams.

This is what happen: Di Kirby saw Kevin Sturgers, (Garret) kill Noah Keefer. When she saw this, she was trying to leave the scene. Therefore, she crashed into Dixie when she saw the flash of car lights in her face from Dixie's car. Dixie, who is Di's half sister, died from the accident. Di found out Dixie was in the car. Therefore, she escaped from the accident. Later, polices found out she was involved in the accident and the killing of Noah Keefer. She went on trial and told a lie to protect herself from getting killed by Kevin which made her go to prison for lying on the stand. The storyline is very interesting. It leads us fan with much suspense and many questions that are hard to answer.

Soon all of our questions will be answered. Im about to go. I would like to hear your opinion about Di's situation and who the Dragon is. Therefore, e-mail me at Have fun watching All My Children either on ABC or SoapNet. Remember to ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 9/28/10

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