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One In A Million

Everyone always needs someone there for them and it seems as though Simone is there when her friends need her the most. She is the person who is willing to do anything for her friends and that does include going to jail or whatever will help those who she cares about. I do sometimes feel sorry for Simone because although she is willing to do whatever it takes for her friends, they do not seem to appreciate it. When it came to the surrogacy storyline with Kendall and Greenlee, they did not even include Simone in the plans and I could tell that she was hurt that they did not trust her to be a part of it. Then when they said they didnít want to tell anyone about it until they were sure and Simone said that she was not just someone, I felt sad for her in that scene. The relationship between Simone and Ethan was unexpected but I have found that I enjoy the scenes they have together. They seem to appreciate each other but since they have been happy for awhile, I am waiting to see what or who is going to cause problems for them. I heard that there is going to be a storyline that will heavily involve Simone and I am looking forward to seeing what the writers will come up with. I loved when Ethan gave Simone shares of Fusion and made her a partner; it is something that was a long time coming for her character.

Todayís Episode

I am glad to finally see both Zach and Kendall in todayís episode because Monday and Tuesday seemed to go by so slowly since there were no scenes of them. I loved how Bianca was challenging Kendall to tell Zach she loved him and then when Kendall opened the door and Zach was there, it was great but I didnít like that it was at the end of the episode. The way that Kendall looked when she mentioned Zach and talked about her divorce was so great because you could see that she was in love with Zach. I loved how Bianca questioned Kendallís rational in figuring out that Zach didnít really love her, I hope that Kendall does realize that she should just tell Zach she loves him. Could Erica be anymore transparent, the way she kept going on and on about how Miranda had changed Biancaís life, it was like she thought if she kept saying it enough that Kendall would realize that having a baby would change her life too. Today was filled with scenes of everyone searching for little Adam, the only parts that were interesting to me were the scenes with Ryan and JR and then the scene at the end of the episode with little Adam. I loved the fact that JR was giving Ryan a talk about how he should love his son and maybe this will make Ryan realize how much he wants this child. I just hope that even if Ryan wants the child he is having with Kendall, that he doesnít want to be in a relationship with Kendall because that would be one of the worst things (in my opinion) that could happen. I thought it was very sad to see little Adam all alone, I just wanted to go and pick him up and take him home to his parents; he looked so scared and alone. The previews show that we will be getting some Zach and Kendall scenes and when Kendall says love doesnít work for her and Zach says he can fix that, I hope that it doesnít mean that he is going to give her space but that he will love her like no one has before and will stick by her through everything.

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Updated 9/28/10

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