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Golden Boy

Although he may be somewhat tarnished, All My Childrenís resident Golden Boy, Ryan Lavery, is still shaking things up around Pine Valley. Ever since Ryan shot his brother in the cave and thought he had killed him, everything went down hill pretty quickly for the character. He discovered his hidden temper and decided he never wanted to have children because there was a chance that he would pass down the Lavery gene. Then after hearing that his wife got pregnant on purpose, Ryan got on his motorcycle and went over a cliff. He survived and with the unexpected help from Zach, he left Pine Valley in search of his sister. After finding his sister, he discovered that the brother he thought he had killed was actually alive and living with his sister. Ryan discovered after awhile that his brother Jonathan had a tumor and was taking medication he didnít need which as a result were the causes behind the things he did in Pine Valley. Ryan then decided to return to Pine Valley and not too far behind him were his siblings. Greenlee did not forgive Ryan for what he had done but as they were growing closer, she revealed to him that Kendall was her surrogate when he rescued them from the fire. However, this move towards reconciliation was short lived as his wife discovered it was not her baby but that Kendall is actually the mother. After she made this fact known to everyone else, she left Pine Valley for good. Ryan was so mad at Kendall for what she did because he couldnít believe she would do it out of her love for Greenlee but that was until Dr. Madden told him what happened the night of the blackout. This seemed to change his mind about Kendall but one cannot be totally sure. It is good to see Ryan fall from his pedestal, I hope he learns something meaningful from this whole experience and decides to be alone for awhile (I would love this to happen so there would not be a Ryan and Kendall reunion) because I love Kendall and Zach as you may have noticed.

Todayís Episode

I thought it was very nice to see Jonathan helping Lily in the mall and it is nice to see a friendship forming between the two characters. I really hated seeing Erica so happy about Kendall and Zachís divorce and how she was trying to force something to happen between Ryan and Kendall. I donít understand why in every scene Jamie has to be walking around with barely any clothes on, it never seems to have to do anything with the scene. I am glad that someone finally said to Zach and Kendall what I have been saying to my television set for awhile now, why are you getting divorced when it is so obvious that you are in love with each other. The lawyer they have handling their divorce was very funny and I hope that they change their mind about getting divorced. I knew it was going to happen, donít ask me how I did but somehow I had the feeling that as soon as Kendall was about to tell Zach that she loved him, that Ryan would come in and ruin everything. I hate when something important is going to happen (like Kendall telling Zach she loves him), the writers drag it out so something or someone (like Ryan) can come and interrupt it. When they showed Babe taking little Adam off of Santaís lap because she saw it was Jonathan and she said it wasnít Santa but a murderer, I thought it was funny in the sense that it was like she was saying that he shouldnít be around children. Yet Babe is a kidnapper and is allowed to be near not only her own child but also the other children in the mall, isnít that like the pot calling the kettle black. The magic 8 ball says: the outlook is good for Kendall and Zach.

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Updated 9/28/10

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