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A Recent Exit
By Christina

Although I am going to miss the presence of Rebecca Budig on All My Children, I am not going to miss the character of Greenlee. The main reason I am not going to miss the character is due mostly because of the childish actions she took just before she left Pine Valley and shortly after her departure. The contributing factors that left me to rejoice Greenleeís departure had to do with the way she had chosen to announce the fact that Kendall was the actual biological mother of Ryanís child, the fact of Babe getting Greenleeís shares in fusion and the letter written to Kendall. Rebecca Budig produced some outstanding scenes during her final appearances on All My Children and I wish her all the luck on whatever she does after her role as Greenlee. I think as fans of any soap opera, you need to be able to distinguish between the character and the person who plays the character. Although I do not like the character of Greenlee, I think that Rebecca Budig is a very talented actress who produced some excellent scenes time and time again on All My Children.

I am still in shock about the way that Greenlee had chosen to reveal the fact that it wasnít her baby with Ryan but that it was really Kendall and Ryanís baby boy. I felt so bad for Kendall when Greenlee decided that a family Thanksgiving was the time to announce how Kendall ďhad betrayed herĒ. I put that is quotes because I think that Kendall didnít betray her, since she was more than willing to give up her own child for the sake of her friend. I am even more amazed at the things Kendall will do for someone she loves, even more know after knowing she would give Greenlee her own child. I know that Greenlee has every right to be hurt but she should have taken Kendall aside and confronted her about it then, through the manner she had chosen to reveal the information is what really makes me really dislike the character. I was also very surprised that no one in here family stood up for her but just kept letting Greenlee attack her like that. Although this does not have to do specifically with Greenlee, I was so happy to see Zach chew out Jackson at the bar, when all Jackson wanted to do was blame it all on Kendall. The scene between Jackson and Zach and then Zach and Kendall (when he told her he loved her) were the only scenes in the reveal of Kendall as the biological mother that I could watch over and over again because they are just that good.

Now when Greenlee left Pine Valley I was revealed that she was gone and could no longer hurt Kendall, well this was not the case because even after her departure she had a way to stick it to Kendall. It will probably be interesting to see how Kendall and Babe can work together even after all Babe has done to Kendallís family but I would have loved for Kendall to have had a break from all this payback from Greenlee. The cherry on the top of this twisted sundae was when Simone read Greenleeís letter out loud, the things she said about Kendall were harsh and dramatic and I felt myself cringe during those scenes. My sincerest wish is that if Greenlee ever returns to Pine Valley (only if Rebecca Budig will reprise the role), that Kendall is happy, married to Zach and raising a healthy, beautiful baby boy. So I thank my lucky stars that Greenlee is gone and I hope the door hit her (the character Greenlee, not the actress Rebecca Budig) on the way out of Pine Valley.

Todayís Episode

I really canít stand Di and Tad scenes; they have to be the most boring to me and just my luck I got a bunch of their scenes today. Also, why are there so many annoying teenage characters on soap operas, I canít believe how much Sam got on my nerves today. I also canít believe the way he treated Lily today, she has never done anything to intentionally hurt him and he knows that but yet he still called her stupid. I know the writers I preparing to write the character of Sam off but I donít understand why they have to ruin a character in order to make it logical that the character would want to leave. Couldnít they have just made it so Sam wanted to be with his family for Christmas and then when he got there, he realized how much he missed them and then decided to stay with them instead of returning to Pine Valley. I am glad that we finally got to hear about what truly happened the night that Kendall decided to use her eggs instead of Greenleeís, it cleared any doubt people might have had (for me though, I never doubted Kendallís intentions) but unfortunately for me, this made Ryan realize the truth too. This is unfortunate because I am a Kendall and Zach fan but since Ryan knows that Kendall really did it for Greenlee, he may forgive her and want to keep the baby and raise the baby together. This will of course lead to a possible reconciliation between Ryan and Kendall, which is in my opinion, the worst possible thing that could happen. I have been there and done that more than once with Kendall and Ryan, I donít think Ryan treats Kendall the way she deserves to be treated and that Zach is the man she truly should spend the rest of her life with.

Kendall and Zach scenes today were again superb and showed again why I think they can be All My Childrenís super-couple. I loved the fact that they showed Zach and Kendall laughing together; it was such a beautiful scene. Why, oh why didnít you tell him that you loved him Kendall, you were so close to saying it. I canít wait until she does tell him and I really do hope it is soon. I also hope the writers reconsider having Ryan and Kendall get back together because I think there is more potential for great storylines for Zach and Kendall. The forecast for this week: Zach and Kendall scenes everyday, what a wonderful week it will be for me and all Zach and Kendall fans. Just think, if the writers at All My Children keep them together forever (and I do mean forever), the forecast for All My Children could be great every week.

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Updated 9/28/10

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