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Missed Something Last Week?

Starting this week, Monday’s will be when I give my recap of the week before on All My Children. Unlike other recaps, this one will only include the general details of the week that I loved or hated.


Loved - The scenes between Erin, Aidan and Lily when she saw the Christmas tree with no red, a very nice Christmas scene. Tad found out about David almost having surgery and the way Tad laughed made the scene even funnier. Krystal’s Christmas party came to an end, thankfully it did because that was the tackiest thing I have ever seen.

Hated – No Zach and Kendall scenes today L


Loved - When Jackson gave Erica the new home for their family, it was a great Christmas present. Glad that Erica finally asked Jackson if he could love Kendall the way he loved the rest of the children.

Hated - The kidnapping of little Adam (by someone dressed as Santa), I couldn’t get into it because it’s already been done to that child.


Loved – When Bianca was challenging Kendall to tell Zach she loved him and I loved when Zach showed up at Kendall’s door just after Kendall and Bianca had been talking about him. When JR told Ryan to care for his own child during their search for little Adam.

Hated - When Erica kept going on about the changes that have happened to Bianca since she had Miranda, it was done right in front of Kendall and so we know the motives behind what Erica was doing. The scenes and scenes of little Adam’s kidnapping, just seems to be too close to the last kidnapping to be of any interest.


Loved - How Bianca was nice to Babe without forgiving her for last year and how Babe admitted she did not deserve Bianca’s support. That the priest comes around each year and that he can always make miracles happen in Pine Valley.

Hated - That Kendall did not tell Zach that she loved him, that he gave her the divorce and then how Kendall was locked in the church with Ryan. That the people at All My Children did not age up little Adam because he looks much younger than Miranda.


Loved - How Jonathan was concerned about getting Lily’s Christmas shopping done. The Christmas scene at the Chandler mansion when everyone who loved little Adam was there and they opened some presents. That Kendall decided that she wanted to keep the baby, whether she and Ryan raised it or she gave it up for adoption. Loved when Kendall talked about what she wanted for her son if she gave him up for adoption. At the end of the episode we were shown that Dixie was indeed alive.

Hated - That JR told Babe that he is falling in love with her and the reason I hated it was because I am not sure yet if this is a part of some plan JR has and if Babe is actually in love with JR or is she still playing him. That Kendall and Ryan were holding hands, hated this because I don’t want a Ryan and Kendall reunion.

Today’s Episode

I liked that Jackson actually said that Kendall was welcomed and that he did not treat her like he usually does. It was good to see that Dixie is back and that she remembers the people back home in Pine Valley. When Dixie said that her family was probably surprised to find out about Di, I guess Di didn’t tell Dixie that she pretended to be her and that it was found out who she really was. I think it was great that Jamie did not already convict Jonathan of the crime and was thinking logically, that anyone could have dressed up as Santa. I had a feeling that Erica was going to drop the glass ornament that Lily gave her, the fact that it took her some time to find a place made it seem as though they were stalling until Lily said that Jonathan picked it out, so Erica could drop it. Kendall told Erica and Bianca that she planned to give birth to her son but Erica was too quick to assume that she was going to raise her child. I loved seeing Jamie and JR working together and not conspiring against each other. Erica was very annoying today when she did not seem to comprehend that Kendall and Ryan may decide to give their son up for adoption. Erica just went on and on about different things they needed to do for Kendall and her baby. I liked how Bianca brought up how Erica likes to micro-manage every part of her daughters’ lives. The scenes involving Janet and the “Naughty Pine Valley” was informative because it allowed the viewers to know for sure that it was Janet, not Jonathan (who kidnapped little Adam) or Amanda who did all the other mysterious events in Pine Valley. The previews show that we are going to get some Zach and Kendall scenes and I wonder what Bianca said to Zach and Kendall that has gotten Erica so upset.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 9/28/10

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