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Hopeless Romantic
By Christina

Ever since the writers at All My Children put Kendall and Zach together, I have been turning more into a hopeless romantic. I always enjoy scenes where the writers give me some hope of a possible future relationship between Zach and Kendall. The progression of their relationship has been a slow process compared to that of other marriages based on business (like Greenlee and Ryan), but it has also had the biggest payoff. I have been invested in characters relationships before but nothing compares to how much I want (or maybe even need) Kendall with Zach. I think the reason they have affected me differently than other couples, is that they actually seem compatible with each other. In my opinion Zach and Kendall are the couple that has the possibility to be an All My Children super-couple since they have all the qualities of a great, long lasting couple. Kendall and Zach have passion and chemistry, they make every scene they are in great (whether the scene is about them or not), they both understand each other, call each other out when they start playing games and they donít just abandon the other person because that person did something they didnít like. 

This week promises the most romantic divorce in history and I am looking forward to many scenes of Zach and Kendall. This romantic divorce had better include Kendall professing her love to Zach because I know she feels something for him that she has never felt for anyone else. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words that can describe the look on Kendallís face when Zach was trying to tell her that he loved her. Her eyes kept saying that she knew what he wanted to tell her and that she wanted him to say it more than she had ever wanted anything before. As we know Kendall has been hurt more than once when it comes to love and so she needs to hear that someone loves her a few hundred times before she can believe it. The fact that Kendall needs to hear all the time that she is loved, was even brought up by Myrtle with her conversation with Zach. Unlike Ryan who drops Kendall at the drop of a hat, Zach has stayed by Kendall through everything (including the surrogacy fiasco). Zach and Kendall scenes always make me melt, the way they look at each other is so romantic and I really hope these scenes continue forever (which I know is unlikely) but one can only hope.  

I love the fact that Myrtle is on the side of Zach and Kendall as a couple and that she is pulling out all the stops to make it happen, like even calling Bianca to come and help. The one person really getting in the way of Kendall and Zach is Ryan who is now tied to Kendall because of the baby. I think that Kendall would make a great mother but I really donít want her with Ryan. I donít see why they canít share custody of the child while she is married to Zach. I hope that when Bianca comes to Pine Valley that she puts Ryan in his place and that she tells him to leave Kendall alone in regards to the romance department because Bianca would not tell him to abandon his own child. I do hope if Kendall doesnít tell Zach she loves him before Bianca comes, that Bianca tells her not to waste time being scared of love but to just let her heart feel the love that Zach is offering. I have always been a fan of Zach and Kendall, even before they were together as a couple. So now that they are together it has made me look forward to every episode of All My Children and when Fridayís episode comes I canít wait until Monday.

Todayís Episode

So far todayís episode has been great since there were some excellent scenes with Kendall and Zach. The best scene today was when Kendall had a dream about her being in love with Zach and the fact that she told him that she loved him was a scene I want to replay more than once. I also enjoyed when Kendall fell into Zachís lap, the way they looked at each other was both playful and romantic at the same time. Todayís episode in regards to Kendall and Zach seems to include a lot of dreams on both parts (not that I am complaining because those scenes are great) but I canít wait until those dreams become reality for them. I loved the fact that Zach dreamt that Myrtle was flying the plane and I wish that he would listen more to what Myrtle tells him in regards to his relationship with Kendall. Kendall has walls up protecting her heart from pain and it will take a patient loving man like Zach to break those walls down, which is what Myrtle is trying to tell him. The one part of todayís episode that is really getting on my last nerve is Julia Santos, why canít she just stay out of Kendall, Ryan and Zachís lives. Julia seems to be putting her opinion in any chance she gets, even though Kendall doesnít want it. A lot of the things Ryan has been doing has been prompted by some type of input by Julia. She wouldnít bother me that much if she just stayed out of Kendallís way. I also enjoyed the fact that Kendall mentioned to Zach that this divorce felt more like a honeymoon, so at least we know she is really thinking about what Zach means to her.

Well that is all for today, hopefully the writers at All My Children decide to keep Kendall and Zack together. The scenes they produce are priceless and can make anyone a hopeless romantic.

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Updated 9/28/10

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