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Amanda's Point of View

How many times does David have to be told before it's too late, and he loses everything? I mean, come on, he already went in Babe's cell phone to retrieve Liza's number, and to me that right there would be an automatic "How Dare You!" But no, because of Babe's big heart, she agrees that more damage could of, and will be, done.

After Babe made David promise not to give Liza's number to Adam, here comes Erica. Prancing on into David's home, bargaining with him for Liza's number. Nevertheless, it must of worked, because later in the show, David and Erica are making it look like someone broke in to steal the number. I mean why can't David accept the fact that Babe wants to do the right thing, and protect Liza and Colby?

Ever since he found out Babe was his long lost daughter, all he has been doing is getting all up in her business, trying to fix everything that goes wrong with Babes life. I think he should give her some room to breathe, and maybe be happy!

Oh my goodness, after that whole ordeal with the cave hostage/bombing, and Jonathan being responsible for not only Edmund's death, but the death of his own brother Braden! I was in tears after the bomb had gone off, and there was no sign of Ryan. Greenlee seemed as if she was convinced that the bomb had killed not only Jonathan, but the love of her life too. I know Greenlee has been a little bratty in the past, but doesn't she deserve happiness? I mean she married and lost Leo, her first love, and now Ryan? I think her and Ryan should go away on vacation, a very long vacation. God knows they have deserved it. In addition I am very relieved that they found Ryan ok and well in the cave, thank God for air-pockets! Watching Greenlee cry, was indeed sad, but what made me cry tears of joy was when dear old Kendall came to the rescue, and lent a shoulder to cry on for Greenlee. They are so much better friends, rather than enemies.

What the heck is up with Ethan? I mean, come on, there is no doubt in my mind that he's going straight to hell when he dies. Of all the lies to ever tell, the one about who killed Edmund was the worst. Especially to blame it on your father. Of all people you know?! Of course I have never really liked Ethan, I always thought that he was this guy who just wanted to find a place where he fit in, and I'll tell you, he sure doesn't fit in Kendall's arms!!!

Applause to Lily! That poor girl, after everything that has happened, I am so relived she hasn't lost her mind, or gone crazy. I mean, since she has come to town, she has been made fun of, picked on, had her heart broken, witnessed a murder, has been hospitalized, been kidnapped, held at gun point, and almost blown up!! I think the school was a safer place than with Dad. But hey she's still standing, I call that a plus. Especially when Lily allowed Erica to towel dry her hair, which means having to touch her. That right there was a top rating for that show. It not only showed the progress with the show, but also with the progress of her Autism Spectrum Disorder. This week was an arrow going up for All My Children.

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Updated 9/28/10

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