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Amanda's Point of View

I almost fell out of my chair when I witnessed Erica being nice to Krystal. I like that she's actually being nice for once, but we all know there's an ulterior motive behind it. Babe was excellent by, for once, not thinking of herself when it came to giving up where Liza and Colby were hiding out, for more time with her son!!! She really out-witted Adam this time.

I don't like how David spilled the beans about why he was visiting Krystal's prison mate, "Di". He should have waited until he had more information to go on. Now she can deny everything.

Jamie is playing more of an over-protective brother than a loving, supportive boyfriend, when he tells Babe to stay away from David and that he can only bring trouble to those who are close to him. Thankfully, Babe doesn't give in; instead she defends her dear old dad, explaining how he is the only parent who is available whenever she needs him. He is the one she needs to get close to now more than ever.

I love how when everyone wants to accuse Ethan of lying about who killed Edmund, he wants nothing to do with anyone, but now when he's accusing his own father, Zach Slater of murdering Edmund, it's now ok to ask for help. Take for example: he went to J.R., asking him to help make the charges against Zach Slater stick! So typical! However, while J.R. does indeed help him, he as always has an ulterior motive. That sneaky J.R... I think he should go for it because he and Kendall would make a great couple, and when it comes to fighting, a great team!

Hasn't Zach Slater caused enough trouble in Pine Valley, and mostly for Maria? Of all places to go to, to think he just has to pick the stables where Maria's husband was murdered. They really need some security at Wildwind, with all the un-welcome visitors just prancing around on the Greys' land! And what better two people to run into each other, other than Zach and Maria. I mean, come on , I know she hasn't made it all the way 100% clear, but she has made it somewhat clear that she loved and was fully committed to Edmund! And don't even get me started with those two wonderful, yet bratty kids of hers and Edmund's. I know they are grieving for the loss of their father, and they are upset because the man they supposedly know who killed their father was in love with their mother. So I guess it's just natural to blame the living parent for everything. But, to call her the murderer herself, now that's just a little over the top. Don't you think? Especially with Maddie. I mean, can't she at least give her mother a hug, or smile at her, instead of insulting her, and not even giving her the time of day? Plus causing more conflict?!

I can't believe Ryan hasn't figured it out by now where Greenlee really is. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they have that psychic thing going for them? Well, if they do, it must be turned off or off the station. And what about Jonathon? Huh, talk about crazy, I wouldn't want him related to me, blood or no blood. I'm surprised Lily hasn't had a nervous breakdown yet since she's been in Pine Valley. I mean, she's gotten made fun of, she's fallen in love, then right back out of it (but not before she got her heart broken). She's been hospitalized for witnessing a murder, and now she's being held hostage by the killer of Edmund himself. I'm surprised she hasn't freaked out more than she has already. No fear, Kendall and Greenlee are here.  Even though they have fought since they have been put in that icky barred cave/cage, they have managed to keep themselves alive. Yay!!!! Now they just need Ryan to come to the rescue.

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Updated 8/20/14

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