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By “Tigerlady”

Tiger Court’s in session; the Honorable Tigerlady Presiding:

The Honorable Tigerlady’s Summer Court is back in session.  Well, we certainly have a full docket this time around.

Oh, wow! Erica came back with Ryan.  I can’t believe how spoiled she can be, though.  She is still thinking of herself and what she is feeling.  She doesn’t care what her actions are doing to Jack, Bianca, Kendall or to the rest of the people that love her.  I wonder why people are standing by her, but then this is why we call this the soaps.  I sentence Erica to be in any Third World country for a minimum of 6 months but not more than one year.  Also, Erica is stripped of all of her “conveniences”, meaning no expensive jewelries, no living in penthouses, and no limos.  To top it all off, Erica has to take a job working her way up to the top.  You know, I will bet anything that she will not be able to last. Hmmm! I guess that’s why I’m not a “real” judge.

Next, on the docket, is David’s “Good Samaritan” façade.  I can understand why he wants to tell Bianca the truth that baby Miranda is alive, but what he doesn’t seem to get is that, in the process, he is going to destroy someone else’s life.  How can someone be caring to someone and not be caring to another?  I think what is making this worse is that Krystal is now saying that David is the father of Babe to keep him quiet so he won’t say anything to Bianca about the baby being Miranda, instead of Bess.  The lies are just continuously piling up. JR and Adam are already catching on to it, so how long is it going to be before someone gets hurt? Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to tell a fib.  But, you know what, David, in a way, has suffered himself.  He has lost a child.  It still doesn’t excuse the fact that he is doing this, as he says, for Bianca.  So, my verdict for David is that because there is no excuse for his destroying someone’s life to save someone else’s, he should do community service at a hospice with, particularly, AIDS patients that are close to dying   If he is as mature as he is, I hope it may just makes him realize that no matter what, nothing is worth destroying a life to save another no matter what the outcome is. 

The last case on the docket is this revenge JR has against Babe because he knows that Baby Bess isn’t his and he wants to get back at her for not telling him the truth from the very beginning that her biological baby went to Kelly.  I can’t believe that JR has become just like his father, Adam.  The old expression, “Like father, like son” I guess applies.  He use to hate his father; that’s why he went away for awhile.  I can’t believe that this is the same JR that made a 360 degree turn and now is joining forces with Adam to get back at Krystal and Babe.  You know, maybe he is a bigger wimp than he is willing to admit and still that scared little boy than he’s willing to admit.  Who knows? But then, this is show business.  So, my verdict for JR is a very harsh one because, personally, he gets me angry the way he is treating everyone.  But, because I’m a judge I have to be impartial.  So, even though he is old enough, my verdict is that he will go to Iraq and see what the war is doing to a lot of our people.  Being mean and cruel to someone else doesn’t get you anywhere but more and more cruelty.  Also, I rule that he be put in solitary for…..no, maybe, a POW camp (ha! ha! ha!) for, at least 2 years and have someone else do the very same things that he is doing to Babe.  The reason being that no one deserves to be treated the way he treats Babe considering the fact that he wants to kill her.  He has already attempted once.  Because he has, I will go as far as granting Babe an annulment before he kills her again and order that Bess be returned to Bianca, since Babe is thinking about doing the right thing already.  Babe will, of course, help in the care of Bess. To ensure both Babe, Bianca and Bess’ safety, I will order a restraining order against JR.  He is not to come within 100 feet of Babe and anyone close to her, the baby and Bianca.  (By law and by DNA, he is not biologically the father and, therefore, he has no rights to the baby anyway.  So, I don’t know why he is holding on to something that technically isn’t his.  JR is going to learn that sooner or later, hopefully soon before someone gets seriously hurt.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 9/28/10

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