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By Jennifer

I haven't been watching "All My Children" for very long but I absolutely love the stories. My favorite one being the one involving Bianca, Babe, their babies, and what Paul Cramer did to them. Eden Riegel did a wonderful job with acting the scenes out with Alicia Minshew where Kendall had to tell Bianca her baby was dead. You could see pain in her face even though she was only acting. There are Hollywood stars that should take a few lessons from Eden Riegel. I hope one day soon Bianca is reunited with Miranda (who is believed to be Babe's baby). If and when that day comes, I can't wait to see how well Eden does with it. Hopefully everything will come back to bite Paul in the rear end. Bianca deserves to be able to have her baby. She's been through hell and needed something to save her and now she has absolutely nothing.

After seeing Bianca and Maggie together, I came 100% a BAM fan and would love to watch these two sexy females get together. They are both very cute and would make the cute little couple of Pine Valley. I know that Bianca's in love with Lena and Lena loves her back, but I think that Bianca and Maggie are made for each other. They should definitely be together. Maybe that will happen since Olga Sosnovska will be leaving the show for spy series. Best of luck to her.

Eden Riegel was nominated for the "outstanding younger actress" award for the Emmys. I personally think she should win hands down. There is no other actress better than Eden Riegel (or more sexy, but thats just my opinion). Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie) should also have been nominated but wasn't unfortunately. As should have Alexa Havins (Babe-who truly is a Babe). I have not seen any other actresses as good as the ones that are on All My Children. If it isn't the storylines that makes you wanna watch, then it should be the extremely good acting. Until next week, keep watching the greatest soap there is... All My Children."

Jennifer D.

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Updated 9/28/10

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