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The Greatest AMC Story
By Suzanne

Originally for Bella Online

I don't know how anyone can dislike the baby switch storyline on AMC. What does a good soap story have to have? Many secrets, and twists and turns. It should involve many different characters, both established and new characters, of different generations. It should last for months and have consequences that may last for years. It should be riveting and make you wonder what's going to happen next. This one has it all.

The actors have really been the best thing about the story. Everyone does a great job. Even the "bad guys" like Paul, Krystal, and Babe, make you feel sympathy for them. I love how the story involves not only new characters like them, but also Tad, Adam, Liza, and David. It not only involves young people like J.R. and Bianca, but people over 30. I am really enjoying how each week seems to have a new twist.

How can you not like it? What will happen with all of these people? Aside from the ones mentioned, it also involves, by extensions, Erica, Brooke, Maggie, Jamie, and Kendall. David just found out the truth (great how one person keeps finding out, slowly, every few weeks) so he wants to tell it, but now he is also finding out that Babe is his daughter. How can he help Bianca, whom he's treated like a daughter, without hurting the woman who really is his daughter? Not only will Babe be very angry for telling her secret, but Krystal has threatened to leave town with Babe. David's already lost one daughter, and now he is faced with losing another. He already got cheated out of seeing her grow up.

What will the fall out be when the secrets start to come out? First will be the secret about Bess really being Miranda. Everyone will be angry at Krystal and Babe (not to mention Paul!). Will Tad be able to forgive Krystal, with whom he may already be in love? Will Krystal turn to David, the father of her child? It already looks like Liza is leaving the show, which is a shame. I would have liked to see Liza and David get together.

Bianca will have her baby back, and it looks like she'll also have Maggie. Let's hope they can be happy for a little while. Bianca is pretty forgiving, but will she be able to forgive Babe? After all, not only will she have her baby back, but she'll think that Babe's baby is dead, and she knows what that suffering is like. I hate to see their friendship completely destroyed.

J.R. will surely be angry at Babe (he already is), and she will be angry with him if she finds out what he's been up to. Will their marriage end completely? Will Jamie be there to comfort her (since he so clearly still loves her)? When they eventually find out that their real son is still alive, will that mend their marriage, or will it make things worse (because we know that Paul may have been lying about the baby's paternity--Jamie could still be the father!)? The writers will have to decide at some point. Or, Babe will decide to stay with Jamie, but J.R., having come to his senses, will work hard to win her back. Maybe she will even divorce J.R. and marry Jamie, only to cheat on Jamie with J.R.! Only time will tell.

Erica will be happy to see that Bianca's baby didn't die, after she goes through rehab. Will she be able to finally accept Miranda? And I can't wait to see the scene where Erica tears into Krystal for her part in making Bianca suffer! So much for that burgeoning friendship.

People will have a lot of sympathy for the Chandlers when they find out that Bess is Miranda. Adam will have lost a grandchild. Will Brooke feel so bad that she takes him back? And what will Mary do then? I'm sure there will be many tears, and a memorial service, for the baby. Adam will feel so vindicated in his opinion of Babe and Krystal. But then things will all turn again when they get their son back. Will Adam have to kiss up to Babe and Krystal then in order to see his grandson? If it is his grandson and not Tad's...

And, oh, my goodness! I just realized, David will now be RELATED to either Adam or Tad, depending on who the baby's father is. Either way, it's not going to make any of them happy.

I think that the people who don't like this story are just feeling that Bianca, as a lesbian, should have some happiness. They felt cheated that she didn't have a good romance with Lena and then she was raped. Don't forget, Bianca is a true soap heroine. Like Erica before her, she has to go through all sorts of trials and tribulations. That's what happens on soaps. The heroine has to have problems with love, with having children, with alcoholism or drugs (in her case bulimia), with having sudden illnesses or disabilities, or accidents, or having someone kidnap them. That's the way it works. And it's good because it makes us feel sympathy for them and cheer them on, and it gives the actress a meaty role to play. Eden Riegel has been brilliant. It wasn't too long ago that her contract was going to be up and they were saying she might leave, so it's a good thing she got such good stories to keep her around!

I hope, too, that Bianca should have a good relationship with Maggie (and this time we want to see more touching and kissing!). She should be happy for a while, raising her baby. But we don't want to see that go on too long because it would be BORING!! A few months, at most...

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Updated 8/20/14

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