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Rant #8
By Kariyaki

May sweeps is off to an exciting start. We open with Kendall holding a gun on Erica. I really think Erica's brain takes a leave of absence when it comes to Kendall because she does something really stupid here. She still tries to provoke Kendall. God, she's lucky the damn thing wasn't loaded. And with a slight twinge of guilt, I'm going to admit that a small part of me wanted Kendall to fire away. Who am I kidding? If it had been possible, I would have traipsed over there myself and jerked that trigger down.

I normally looooove Ryan (see below paragraph), but why, oh why, did he tell Chris to go after Erica? Like she needs yet ANOTHER man to fawn all over her even when she doesn't deserve it. Is she ever going to get her come-uppance for her misdeeds against Kendall? I can already answer that: no. This show might as well be called "Erica's World." But I can still wish that the writers might think of something unique for once by having Erica's schemes catch up with her.

Lord, how disgusting are Roger and Simone THIS week? The only thing that would make it worse would be if they taped love scenes for them as graphic as Ryan and Kendall's. THAT would just make the projectile vomiting a sure thing for me. Nevertheless, I am intrigued by the prospect of a few things. Greenlee's reaction to finding out about them. And Roger's whole involvement in Trey being shaken down for money. How the hell does Roger factor into this?

We know for sure now that Trey is not the father of Mia's baby. I knew that. I also knew that she'd tell Jake that he was. This show can be so predictable sometimes.

Are they trying to make me hate Bianca? If so, it's working. Bianca jumps to her judgment of Kendall without hearing her side first. I'm not saying Kendall did anything right by holding a gun (even an unloaded one) on Erica, and if Bianca had told Kendall to piss off after having all the facts, I would have been fine with it. But noooooo. Bianca has to pull an Erica Jr. and get all snippy. And people say Bianca is nothing like Erica...

Ahhh, Ryan. Is he not the perfect boyfriend? Kendall really lucked out. She pulls a gun on her mother. Rats her sister out to a tabloid. Ryan finds out all about it, doesn't like it and STILL wants to stick by her. Wow, how good in bed IS she? 'Cause I honestly can't think of another reason why he wants to hang around her so much.

Wow. Dixie's dead. Huh. If she and Tad hadn't been married and divorced so many times, I might actually care. Also, I'm still watching Cady McClain in her (most likely permanent) stint over on ATWT, so I don't feel her absence that much. I'm wondering, though, if Dixie's inevitable funeral will bring about some long absent characters. Lainie, DEL... Kendall actually mentioned him this week and rumors of his return have been flying around ever since Kendall's first day back.

I don't get Tad. First, he butts into Brooke's life and makes an annoying ass of himself and the second he gets a lead on Dixie, he's all, "Brooke who?" Geez, where's the character continuity?

Clothes: Let's start with out favorite offender: Kendall, who wore that damn ruffled blouse ALL WEEK. I was only slightly repelled by it at first, but with each passing day, I grew to hate it more. It was compounded by the fact that all the other characters changed their clothes several times in the interim. I was SO relieved that the love scene with Ryan provided an excuse for her to actually take it off. My eyes were grateful.

Now I'm moving on to Roger. He wore an ascot. I'd leave it at that, but then he wore a bright pink shirt. Buttoned only halfway up. What is this, 1978?

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Updated 9/28/10

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