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Rant #7
By Kariyaki

Okay. As much as I wholeheartedly believe that Anna belongs on General Hospital (and Skye belongs on AMC), I do have to admit I like her anyway. She sits quietly and lets David talk to his cousin. Usually on soaps, the in-laws are always butting in with their over-priced two-cent opinions. Anna's non-interference is very cool. And refreshing. And now I sound like a mouthwash commercial.

So David has this Walton-like fantasy of a home-life. I don't get why he wants Maggie in it. Most people don't include the cousins they barely know in their family fantasies. I know *my* cousins rather well and I still wouldn't include them in any sort of home-life fantasy. Even if I had them. Which I don't. Just so we're clear on that.

Just as I am a big sucker for female-bonding scenes, I am equally as big a one for male. Ryan and Leo's scenes at SOS were quite amusing. We had Ryan surprised that Leo had gotten engaged to Greenlee *again*, while Leo was just as shocked that Kendall is Ryan's girlfriend. And they made a toast to their hot, complicated women. Line of the Week goes to Leo for, "I'd suggest that we double-date sometime, but I'm not sure we'd survive."

Mia has to be the most naive person *ever*. She takes Trey at his word that he needs $20,000 for her son while he's also saying that she can't tell anybody. Yeah, that's not suspicious. But Hayley (in a scene sans Mateo, yay!) interferes and gets Adam to offer a specialist for William (I wonder if Trey was even being truthful about the boy's name). Naturally, Trey blows his top when he doesn't get the money. Well, it's not like well-thought-out plans are a trend for this show's characters. See below.

Well, what was probably the best week of Kendall's life (last week with the Ryan sexcapades) is followed by what could very well be the worst. Her world pretty much came crashing down around her. Three scenes stick out the most in my mind from this week. Mostly because of Alicia Minshew. Her expressions speak volumes. I'm still incredibly surprised the casting people made such a good find when replacing Kendall. They don't have such a good track record. JR and Jamie immediately pop into my head.

The first scene that stuck out was at the hospital. Erica gets all up in Kendall's grill about giving Bianca booze. It turns into a big shout-fest outside the ER (that I'm surprised none of the hospital staff tried to break up. They were really loud). They are both crying as they scream at each other. Well, *Kendall* is. Erica is pretty dry-eyed (surprise, surprise).

The second scene (scenes, actually) is Greenlee taunting Kendall at Revlon. Boy was Greenlee cruel. Ouch. I can't understand how Greenlee could look at the crushed expression on Kendall's face and keep twisting the knife like that. I couldn't do it. I'm not that mean.

And the very last scene on Friday was so excellent. Kendall comes dragging into the restaurant where Ryan, Erica and Stamp await. She walks in with none of her usual flair and looks completely numb and drained. She sits down and pulls out a gun. Dang, it's going to be a loooooong weekend.

But wow, how much did Erica's plan backfire on her, huh? Her goal was to get Kendall hired to Revlon overseas and keep Greenlee from being lured away. What did she get instead? Greenlee taking a job at the competition and Kendall waving a gun in her face. Good plan, Erica.

Speaking of Jamie (several paragraphs ago), what a baby. He overhears a fight between Tad and Edmund and it makes him cry? I bet he gets eaten alive by the kids at school.

Clothes: I mentioned Ryan's brown sweater last week. Somehow, I forgot to mention Kendall's turquoise top. Not a bad color, but it had little flower bud-thingies all along the neckline. Ick. Also, the end-of-the-week outfit Kendall was wearing was also a good color for her. Unfortunately, the ruffle down the shirt front ruined it as well. I swear, if the clothing manufacturers would just *stop sewing* on those last things, they'd have good clothes. When will they learn?

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Updated 9/28/10

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