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Rant #3
By Kariyaki

This is a long one.  I’m writing this on all five shows this week.

Interesting.  Monday’s show opened with Leo entering Kendall’s old room with a bag of food.  The next scene is the one from where Friday’s episode left off:  Kendall sobbing in Ryan’s arms.  How did Leo miss that?  Or did he just ignore them?

What’s with the trend of platonic males and females sharing one-room hotels together?  First was Kendall and Ryan and she was supposed to sleep on the couch (which didn’t happen).  Now there’s Leo and Simone living in Kendall’s old room.  But there’s no couch in there.  I was dying to know who was going to sleep where, but then Greenlee relented and let Simone have her apartment back.

Erica and the tabloid.  I didn’t think it was possible for the story to make even less sense.  Why is she slandering herself?  I also don’t get her thing she has for Chris Stamp.  Honey, if the man’s not interested, freaking move on.  Don’t subject us to the whining.  I enjoyed Stamp telling her that he trusts Kendall more than Erica.  Though it’s not hard for people to figure out how to tick off Erica.  Mention Kendall has a better quality than she does, then step back and watch the fireworks.  That was the only highlight.  The rest was Anna’s unsolicited butting into Stamp’s personal business on Erica’s behalf and a ridiculous montage of Stamp/Erica scenes capped off by Stamp actually showing up at Enchantment to apologize for being so short.  With his temper, not the wheelchair.  Oh, Chris, Chris, Chris.  Don’t you know that will only encourage her?  Roll, Chris!  Roll fast and far away!

It’s getting so Liza really needs to drag a mattress around with her everywhere she goes now.  She’s hit the ground in a dead faint so many times this week, I’ve lost count.  And ha!  Brain tumor.  I’d gloat, but it was kind of obvious.  Who am I kidding, “kind of”?  It was glaringly obvious.

I wonder how Kendall already knew about Gillian.  Nobody informed her that Ryan even had a wife from what I could see.  Yet when Ryan mentioned how he was not over her death, Kendall didn’t flinch.  Either someone told her, or she figured it out for herself.  Which doesn’t surprise me.  If I happened upon some guy who wore a wedding ring and lived in a crappy motel room brooding to himself, I’d either think he was some widower or the title character of Angel.  Kendall’s scenes with Colby were pretty cute.  I have to say, I’m impressed with any actor that can make a scene with a small child work.  It’s difficult to get those little tykes to cooperate.  Now Kendall has become the Chandlers’ hero.  Slowly, but surely, Kendall is becoming well-liked by the town populace.  Erica’s soon going to have a tough time finding supporters in her campaign to run Kendall out of town.

Yay, more Kendall and Bianca scenes were on this week.  Did I mention how much I love those?  Kendall sees that Leo is trashed beyond belief and calls Bianca to come deal with him.  Meanwhile, Ryan wins Line of the Week by asking Leo, “What are you celebrating?  Buy a new pair of leather pants?”  Bianca arrives and discovers that Leo has liberated all the evidence against his mother from Jack’s office.  She then wants him to return it right that second.  She’s got to be kidding.  Leo is way too drunk to do that, yet that’s the plan that they go with.  Leo, of course, gets caught by Anna.  And eventually arrested in Friday’s episode.  Because he flushed some of the evidence.  Nobody ever uses the toilets in SOS for their intended purpose.  People are always flushing foreign objects down there.

I have to say:  what’s with all the twins?  There are at least 3 characters currently on screen who have twins.  Adam, Anna and Maggie.  I really loathe the bringing-on-the-unmentioned/unknown-twin plot.  I only like it if the actor has the chops to make you forget the two characters are played by the same person.  David Canary as Adam and Stuart is a good example.  Martha Byrne as Lily and Rose on ATWT is another.  So far Maggie seems to be pretty much the same as Frankie and as much as I’m trying to like her, the lack of focus for her character is making it difficult.  Now why is she still in the hospital?  Last week, she was walking around the hospital in her regular clothes looking perfectly healthy.  I think it’s time she got discharged for God’s sake.

I would like to comment on David and Anna, but their story holds so little interest for me that I just fall asleeZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

Okay, the new guy.  I don’t want to sound shallow, but hubba hubba.  I think he kind of looks like Dean Cain and I luuuuurve Dean Cain.  But what’s with his name?  James H. Kenyon III, Trey for short?  How’d he get Trey out of that?  I’m going to reserve any judgment I have for this character after the actor’s been on the show a little longer.  These new, green people need a little bit of warm up time.

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Updated 9/28/10

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