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Rant #2
By Kariyaki

Well, Jamie was on.  Is this the new aged one?  ĎCause I havenít been paying attention.  If so, he seems like an okay actor, though he looks like a Backstreet Boy.  Vanessa really rattled the poor kid when she grabbed him in the hospital.  Leo was even more rattled.  He still seems to be in a state of disbelief about what his mother has done.  Vanessa did a good job of keeping Leo sheltered because he was really clueless.  And segueing on, we have Leo moving in with Simone.  And apparently right back out again, since Greenlee had them booted from the apartment.  I just hope Iím not subjected to scenes of them moving their stuff back out.  I need to backtrack just a little bit to Vanessa.  Why is she even still in the hospital?  At the very least, she should have been transferred to some psychiatric ward when her injuries healed.  Iím not even going to mention the shoddy security that let her out of her room.

Itís about time Erica and Kendall talked about the cause of their rift.  So many people think that Erica giving her up for adoption is the reason Kendall is so vengeful, but itís not.  Itís Ericaís inability to see Kendall as a person.  She sees Kendall as the result of the monster who raped her.  Which is perfectly understandable, but Kendall is as much a victim of the rape as Erica.  Erica needs to open the lines of communication and clear the air.  And at a shallow glance, Wednesdayís conversation between them was a step in the right direction, but alasÖ  Ericaís just trying to manipulate Kendall into the Revlon scheme.  So on Ericaís end, the conversation pretty much left me cold.

And it just wasnít Kendallís day.  First, she gets yelled at by Chris, then has a confusing conversation with Erica, then yelled at by Chris again, then yelled at by Ryan.  I donít blame her for crying.  Although, who knew she had feelings?  Maybe she hides it well.  Or maybe Ryanís yelling was the straw that broke the camelís back.  Or maybe she cares about what Ryan thinks about her and took that rant to heart.  Whatever, it was still a good scene when he chased her and apologized.  It was only 15 seconds or so, but it made me ďawwww.Ē

 Hey, look who showed up this week.  Itís Maggie.  Um, Iím dying to know.  What was the point of bringing this heretofore unmentioned twin of Frankieís onto the canvas?  So far, all sheís done is blind me with hideous clothes (which thankfully isnít happening this week) and get herself kidnapped.  [sigh]

MiaÖanother pointless, floundering character.  Sheís been on for, what, eight months now and she still has no purpose.  She bounces from Leo/Greenlee/Jake to the Chandlers as the story dictates and thatís about it.

The Chandlers.  Lord help me, I hope that rumor about JR leaving is true because I just canít take this actor.  He just isnít working.  Tell me why letting the last one go was a good idea again?  And Liza so obviously has a brain tumor.  I canít believe theyíre dragging out the revelation.  Pfft.  What am I thinking?  This is a soap.  I can believe it.  (Of course, if Liza doesnít have a tumah and it just turns out that JR is slipping her mickeys, Iím going to have egg on my face.)

You know how I made fun of Opalís fur wrap?  I donít know how I missed the pants.  Brown and white alternately-sized horizontal stripes?  Oh.  My.  God.  And Opal calling Kendall ďThe VampireĒ, that was such a Buffy/SMG shout-out, I canít tell ya.

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Updated 9/28/10

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