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Rant #15
By Kariyaki

Whew!  Luckily, they didn’t drag out this misinformation sub-story about “Maureen” thinking she killed Maria.  They’ve cleared it all up pretty quickly.  Yaaaaaay!  I hate how the storylines get dragged out (Proteus, anyone?) and this aspect of Maria’s return got wrapped up nice and quick.  Now we’re at the part where everybody’s all sob-stricken at their beloved Maria being alive.  Oh well.  There’s always a down-side. 

For some odd reason, Brooke appears to be the main scapegoat as far as Maria’s existence being known.  Even more so than David.  It makes no sense to me.  Brooke knew for, what, six weeks that Maria was alive?  David knew for five years and said nothing.  The only explanation I have is that everybody expects David to behave like an asshat, so they’re not surprised by it. 

I’m still yawning at the teen storyline.  And a little bit pissed off at the retroactive continuity thing they’ve got going.  All of a sudden, Maggie wants Bianca tagging along with her on her dates with Tim?  That wasn’t so last month.  Ow, my head hurts.

Well, finally, the cat’s out of the bag as far as Trey’s identity goes.  It’s about damn time.  I do have to say that I like Trey a whole lot more now that I have a better idea of what makes him tick.  Before, he was just going around and doing a bunch of evil things for no other reason than to get his hands on “the money.”  Now that it’s known that he’s another son of Vanessa’s, it makes him much more sympathetic.  But he seems to have lost the glasses in the process.  I liked the glasses.  Another down-side.

Okay, what is up with Kendall?  She’s been sleazing around every other guy in Pine Valley lately.

  1. Aidan – She’s really screwing with his mind.  She pisses him off royally for turning him in on the whole Maria situation.  Then is all faux-jealous about it and kisses him just so she can reject him when he kisses her back.  I’d be appalled if it didn’t amuse me so damn much.  I really love Kendall.
  2. Trey – Thankfully, this one didn’t come to fruition.  I know they don’t know they could be brother and sister, but the writers have planted that seed in the audience’s minds so Kendall and Trey almost kissing is just all kinds of gross.
  3. JR – Oh.  My.  God.  I honestly have no words for this pairing.  Seriously, my typing hands are speechless.  I do have some questions though.  Is JR supposed to still be seventeen?  Because if he is, Kendall’s got some legal problems should she let this tryst go any further.

I actually understand the zillion guys thing Kendall’s got going these days.  She is Erica Kane’s daughter.  Why shouldn’t Kendall pick up the ho gene from Erica?  It totally makes sense.

Now Anna’s pregnant.  She and David were trying for it, but now that David has burned all his bridges with her, she doesn’t know what to do.  Tad and Jack are being real sympathetic to her plight and I have to say, I’m already thinking of the prospect of Anna hooking up with either of them.  She has chemistry with both of them.  Though Jack doesn’t really deserve it since he was being such a jerk to her for the past couple of months.  Tad, being one of the few who know of Anna’s condition, is especially sympathetic to Anna.  I’m wondering if they’re going to pull the old Tad-is-the-father-of-my-baby story so that Anna isn’t tied to David.  It’s clichéd, but I honestly don’t care.  Those types of stories are always interesting. 

Chris and Erica continue to make me retch.  Thankfully, the two don’t get a lot of screen time lately.  Chris finally figured out the reason that the house was burned down:  his presumed-charred Proteus files.  Kendall has figured out that Trey swiped her lighter.  And Greenlee (from pumping Simone for info) has learned of the burn Trey had.  Everybody now has enough information that, compiled together, someone could make a conclusion from.  But what is the likelihood that those three will put their heads together?  I’d like to get the odds on that in Vegas, actually.

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Updated 9/28/10

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