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Rant #14
By Kariyaki

Well, I just have to say that I think the show has majorly improved in the past month or so. For one thing: all the storylines connect to each other. Every single one.  There's at least one character in each storyline that has a storyline going on somewhere else and I think that's very cool. It's better than it was a few months ago when practically all the stories were isolated. Letís address each one, shall we?

Liza and Adam: This one had a rough start. It was a retread of Adamís gas lighting of Dixie more than a decade ago. But it came to a dramatic and well-acted head as Adam and Liza confronted each other. Itís now in hiatus as the actors that play Adam and Liza take their vacation time and Iím fine with that. I could use a break from it for a while. But at least it was interesting at the end. Mia is involved in this one as well. Sheís for some reason having erotic dreams about Adam. Just watching her have sexy dreams about Adam is enough to make me wake up screaming but then I realize I was never asleep in the first place.

Mia and Frank: Frank is the father of the boy Mia gave up for adoption. That much was obvious from the very nanosecond that Frank set foot onscreen. I donít know how she thinks she can keep it a secret from him what with Trey smirking around threatening to tell and the fact that most of the town knows about it anyway. As for Frank, I forget, is he Jesse and Angieís son? Because they quit mentioning it every five seconds like they did his first couple of episodes. They still make it a point to mention it at least once an episode appearance. Lord, we get it already. He used to have director aspirations. His dad died tragically. His momís a successful doctor. WE. GET. IT!  Simone (or Smoan, as I like to call her) is involved in the Frank aspect. He seems to have appointed himself her savior.

Trey: Has his hand in several storylines. The afore-mentioned Mia and Frank storyline and the Proteus one. They finally confirmed that he is indeed Vanessaís son which is another thing everybody knew already. In an unpredicted twist, however, it is revealed through Greenleeís TV that Richard Fields is most likely Treyís father. This would make him Kendallís brother. Thatís actually good, since he and Kendall seem to have no sexual chemistry at all. Theyíve already got them rooming together and doing the sibling-like bickering. I think the two of them would make a fun, evil sibling team. And then just as they bond, Kendall can find out that he framed her for arson and was indirectly responsible for her driving Ryan away. Sheíll string him up by his eyelids.

Kendall. Also involved in several storylines. The above mentioned Trey one. Plus, she managed to talk Greenlee into hiring her. An admirable feat considering that a couple of months ago the two were actively trying to tear each othersí hair out. Sheís also Palmerís new nanny for Petey. I really love that. For one, itís a non-Erica storyline. For another, Kendallís scenes with Palmer and Petey are a hoot. I just love them. Then we have her involvement with Aidan. She was trapped with him for several hours and managed to make out with him for a bit before she extricated herself from the embrace. She was a little nutty in the way that she did it, because they stopped sucking face to stare at each other for a second. Then they started up again and then she smacked him one. What a fruitcake. At least in that scene they cleared the air about what went down during her strip tease. But now thereís whole new tension between them. Whatever. Sheís obviously still not over Ryan. She still wears the ring he gave her around her neck. The most we can hope for Kendall and Aidan is rebound sex. *crosses fingers* Those two are hot.

Aidan. Heís mixed up with Kendall against his better judgment. He knows he should stay away from her, but apparently he canít help himself. Heís also the self-appointed savior of amnesiac Maria. Thatís about it for him. Other than that, he just stands around and looks pretty.

Maria. Her storyline has finally stepped up so that she has almost daily airtime. Good, because those once-a-week snippets of exposure were really starting to annoy me. Sheís incredibly stupid though. David tells her that she killedÖherself. Moron!

Brooke and Edmund and TadÖoh my! Brooke did an awful lot of crying in her quest for Maria. Seriously, she went a whole week without having a dry face. Drove me nuts. Then she got over it and went back to Edmund and acted all schmoopy and about a million anvils dropped into my living room on account of all the perfect happiness talk. Tad just seems to be tagging along as Brookeís best friend in this storyline. Poor guy needs a story of his own. He carried this one with his comic relief. Tad was the only thing that made it bearable.

Leo and Greenlee. Their wedded bliss is short-lived with Vanessa going all dead and then coming back to life as a completely different person. Poor Leo. Heís torn between wanting to believe his mother is Carol Brady-like even though he knows he shouldnít.

Erica. Engaged to Chris for wedding #10. Show of hands: how many of you think this will come off? Yeah. Thought so. Erica is also still embroiled in a battle royale with Kendall. When is she not? Basically, itís her and the newly hired Enchantment exec Bianca (I laughed at that. Who the hell hires an 18-year-old into a job previously held by a college grad? Erica apparently) versus Greenlee and Kendall. This should be good. Iíve been rooting for a throwdown like this for a while. Iím glad theyíre finally doing something with it. The four gutsiest females on the show all pitted against each other. Yippee!

The teens, Maggie, Bianca, Tim, JR. Definitely the weakest story. The summerís almost over and they havenít even gotten it up and running. Itís just kind of sputtering in the driveway. Not that Iím complaining, I normally loathe the summer teen stories. But if youíre going to do them, do them. Donít go at it all half-assed. Use your whole ass.

Clothes: I didnít really take any mental notes about the clothes lately. Iím pretty sure Kendall wore something ugly, though. Anyone want to bet on it? No? Thought so.

I wasnít overly critical in this rant because Iíve been pretty happy with the show as of late. It really kicks all kinds of ass right now. I rarely want to fast-forward anymore.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 9/28/10

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