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Rant #12
By Kariyaki

I really liked last Tuesday's episode, the one on the 18th. It was all girls. Not a single man to be seen in the whole episode. Not even as extras. Greenlee even said at the beginning of the episode, "Who needs men? Today it's just us girls." I was pretty impressed by that small touch. Especially since they didn't advertise it, so it was only noticeable if you were really paying attention.

Erica is just shameless. She meets Aidan, who mentions that he know about architecture, and instantly wants to hire him, references be damned. Lucky for her, Chris thought of that later.

Was that a shout-out last Tuesday with Erica's conversation with Greenlee? Where she says, "That's right Greenlee. It's. All. About. Me." Everybody's always saying how self-centered Erica is.

Let's talk about the catfight. Oh, was that ever fun to watch. ATWT also had one that week. Happy Birthday to me. Okay, my birthday isn't for another month. But I'm typing this on my new laptop which was an early present, so I'll consider the catfights one as well. My aunt was a bit scornful of the catfight scenes since she's seen many a barfight in her day and she claims it was pretty tame. But she grudgingly admits that it WAS entertaining. I'll say. From Kendall hurling grapes and both she and Greenlee hurling insults, not to mention the unbelievable sight of Kendall beating Greenlee on the butt with a bouquet, I could NOT stop laughing.

Plus, there was the follow-up scene of Kendall and Greenlee's almost-fight in the park that was broken up by Ryan and Leo. The guys exchange pleasantries while simultaneously holding back their struggling women and basically hauling them around like sacks of potatoes. What can I say? I'm easily amused.

I'm trying my hardest to care about the Adam/Liza/Mia "triangle" that Adam is trying to fixate into Liza's head, but I can't. The Adam-gaslighting-his-wife storyline has been done to death.

Ugh...Roger. I can imagine how disgusted Simone is with herself to have slept with this man now that he's shown his true colors. I'm surprised she didn't immediately jump into a scalding shower and start scrubbing.

Let's make a list of the PV women who desperately need to acquire a backbone. Liza, Mia, Simone. They should talk to Tara on "Buffy" and ask her where she picked hers up at. Oh right, they can't. She's been killed off.

I was thinking of making a list of characters who needed to pick up a brain as well, but that would have consisted of practically everybody. That's sad.

Kendall has an interesting plan. Seduce Erica's new handyman for the key to the penthouse. Sounds like rough work. After seeing Aidan all shirtless and sweaty, I'D volunteer in a heartbeat. Typical of Kendall, her logic is different from Earth logic. She actually thinks that flirting with Aidan behind Ryan's back is going to somehow yield success. We ALL know where this is going.

I liked Anna and Maggie's pre-prom scenes. Bianca's and Erica's left me cold. As for the prom? I'll just say this: of all the teen stories kicking off this summer, AMC's is the most boring to me so far. We've got Bianca and Maggie "dating" and JR with a prom date we've never seen before, EVER. Yawn. They're not going to make us watch the whole prom, are they?


Trey capped off the week with a suit (yet again, does this boy have ANY other type clothes) that he wore with a light blue shirt and a GREEN tie. *suppresses dry-heave*

Roger "enchanted" us with several ascot-outfits. Note to Roger: this is the year 2002 not 1972.

And Kendall. Was there ever any doubt? Let's see, she didn't have a good shirt for two whole weeks. And she was on every day. I believe she sported two, yes TWO, shirts with floral prints. The pink shirt with the bow-print made a reappearance. I cheered when she wore her fabulous leather pants, but they were accompanied with a shirt that looked like one, giant tomato stain. The last one of the week she wore in her Aidan "seduction" scene. It was jeans and a multi-colored sweater-vest shirt thingie. Trust me. It was hideous. And why Kendall would change OUT of leather pants to seduce someone is anybody's guess.

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Updated 9/28/10

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