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Rant #1
By Kariyaki

Leo and Greenlee:  SHUT UP.  Theyíve been yoyo-ing back and forth so much, I donít even care anymore.  Now Leo is moving in with Simone (WTF!) and Greenlee, of course, makes it All About Her.  Iíd call her Erica Jr. if Kendall didnít already have that title locked.  Ho hum.  Greenlee gets Simone and Leo evicted.  Still not caring.

 Speaking of Godís Gift, I laughed out loud when Bianca told Erica to get out of her and Kendallís house.  Iím sorry, but I have no sympathy for Erica with her Kendall situation.  She brought that on herself.  All Kendall is doing now is sitting back and letting Ericaís paranoia take care of her.  I canít decide if thatís Kendallís plan or just a side effect of this whole ďniceĒ campaign sheís been on recently.

 Bianca and Kendall Ė Their sisterly bonding is cute.  It also has the added bonus of ticking Erica off to no end.  But do the sisters Kane have an ulterior motive?  That has yet to be determined.  I do like that Bianca breaks out the shovel when Kendall starts with the snow job.  Which makes Kendall fess up and be truthful.  And Bianca and Kendall finally discussed their years-ago animosity.  I remember the Bianca purposely spilling ink on Kendallís dress incident.  Iím surprised Bianca didnít mention Kendallís retaliation stunt: locking Bianca in the Marick crypt.

 Jake as Chief of Staff?  Wasnít he merely a resident not too long ago?  The writers should watch a few episodes of ER.  Even though that show is far from realistic, itís more-so than this travesty of a storyline.  And I canít understand Jakeís motivation for hating David.  Tad, I can understand, but unless Jake is being the loyal little brother and hating David for Tadís benefit, I just donít get it.  Poor Joe.  He didnít deserve to be tacked on to this.

 So Ericaís plan new plan is to send Kendall to Revlon in Greenleeís place.  How does she intend to pull this off?  Why in the world would Kendall willingly take part in this?  As implausible as this whole new storyline sounds, Iím intrigued.

 I had the perpetual giggles during Chrisís homecoming scene and I donít normally like Chris.  I feel dirty.  The walking/rolling papers joke made me spray my Diet Coke.  Whee!  Pot jokes!  Of course, Kendall sees Erica lurking outside and has to take advantage of it.  She gives Chris a welcome home kiss on the cheek.  I think I saw smoke coming out of Ericaís ears.  Too bad I couldnít see Ryan in the scene.  He was probably none too happy either.

Okay.  Clothes.  Kendall has been blinding me for several days with the shirt she has on and I finally got a good look at it.  Itís a bright pinkish color with a bow print.  You read that right:  bows.  As in, hair ribbons.  She finally changed her shirt, though.  Itís an equally blinding tangerine color, but at least it has no dweeby print.  This is just the latest in a long line of fashion disasters she has worn.  First, the black dress with white polka dots.  And who could forget that horrid blouse with the choker collar?

Maggieís been just as bad.  Since sheís been back, sheís worn a shirt that was a weaved welcome mat in a former life, another shirt that looked like it was pieced together from scraps and another outfit that looked like a denim corset.  She had the misfortune of being kidnapped while wearing that and subjected me to it for weeks.

These clothes are being inflicted on the two newest actresses on the show.  The two people who probably have the least amount of say about what they wear.  So theyíre getting the dregs of the wardrobe department.  I think they should try a little harder to put their two cents in about the wardrobe.  Although, I did see an interview with Alicia Minshew where she said she liked the clothes Sarah Jessica Parker wore in ďSex and the CityĒ so I donít knowÖ I worry about her.

Anna?  Just be glad I donít live near you because if I were anywhere near that knee-length leather coat, this would be me: want, take, have.

Leoís recent jacket is awful.  Who would do something that cruel to leather?  It looks like a quilted inner lining.

I could complain about Opalís clothes, but that would be too easy.  Oh, what the hell.  A fur wrap?!  [shudder]

I donít normally spend so much time obsessing over clothes.  I just had to get all that off my chest.

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Updated 9/28/10

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