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Susan S.

Susan is a fan fiction writer. She has lived in the Mid Hudson Valley in NY all her life. She is involved with many groups on her variety of interests. She is currently not working but has held jobs in a couple of department stores mostly on the register but I did some floor work too.

She began writing fan fiction when she was a teenager just for herself then she shared a fan ficton story on a Yahoo group site. Years later she teamed up with her writing partner Willy Garza to write fan fiction for his various soap related series that she is still doing today. She enjoys writing fan fiction and takes it seriously. She had her first book published last year called Coastal Tides which is available on Amazon. It follows the lives and loves of the O'Leary brothers. It's three stories in one book. Next year she hopes to have her last two books published. One is called Perfect Harmony about the drama that occurs when a rock star fall for a fan, will they have a happy ending? The other one was co-written with Willy Garza. In the meantime, she keeps busy with her fan fiction writing whenever ideas come to her or Willy who challenges her sometimes.

Susan's interests include reading which she is an avid one, writing, watching sports on TV and sometimes in person. She is lucky to have a great family whom she enjoys spending time with and communicating with friends online. Susan is also into music and loves the rock band Styx whom she saw for the first time in concert this past summer after being a fan for 21 years. It was a dream come true for her.

Personal bio:
Age: 53
Birthday: 11/19/64
Marital Status: Single
Born: Kingston NY
Lives in Hurley NY
Siblings: One older brother
Parents: deceased.
Schooling: graduated from John A. Coleman high school and a community college.
Job History: Worked as cashier at a few different department stores.

Page updated 10/28/18

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