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Wanda W.

I'm proud to call myself a native Texan. I've lived north of Houston for over 30 years with my husband and two adult children. And I am the cat mommy in my neighborhood and I'm convinced there is an invisible sign above my back door that only cats can read that says "a sucker lives here". I've adopted many over the years and at present have two oldies but goodies (13 years), Rusty and Miss Elly. It's really their house/acreage and they allow me to live here.

A few years ago I would have said my main hobby/interest was antiquing and sniffing out the garage sales for that rare gem I couldn't live without....then I discovered the computer and Internet five years ago and the 'on the road again' livewire became the couch potato. I sell on E-bay, mainly vintage magazines (soaps natch along with celebrity type) and books. It keeps me busy 24/7 and really just feeds my own habit as I collect children's classics (Raggedy Ann and all the nursery rhythms/fairytales my favorite) and have over 400 cookbooks. I love to read, listen to music, competitive at board games and with four adults at home I do love to cook. I can multi-task so even while working, the TV is always on and I enjoy watching various talk shows, have watched soaps for over 30 years, now managing to watch Y&R, B&B, ATWT, Days, GL and GH every day. I'm a huge Astros fan and watch them every night on TV and since it's unlikely they will make the playoffs this year, we'll skip over that and just say I still love 'em.

I also enjoy Desperate Housewives; Everybody Loves Raymond was a favorite I will miss. Two and 1/2 Men and '24' are can't misses.

I've just started writing the updates for B&B at the end of June and having great fun (tho it is a lot of work). It's as good as talking back to my TV set when these characters do such dumb things. Course we're perfect and that would never happen to us! I can only imagine how Suzanne and Boo and many others manage to do the wonderful job they do and maintain some semblance of real life too. I'm happy to share this crazy love with you.

Page updated 5/21/12

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