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Tracy C.


Mom of 3 - 20 yrs, 16 yrs & 14 yrs old - all boys! (yes, there IS a special place in heaven for me and I hope to goodness they have tequila when I get there!) Experienced at many jobs and usually asked to perform miracles in a moments notice! Thank gosh I received an extra pair of hands with each additional child to help me out!

I'm married to the worlds most wonderful husband - no, not yours ! MINE! If he is naughty, then he can be your husband and you can pick him up on the curb. Or in the dogs kennel - could you take the dog with you? Thanks!

In addition to the above, I have my 'babies' - 3 beautiful cats and they are MY joy - the kids don't need me anymore anyway except to feed them and pick up after them - otherwise they sleep or ignore me - hmm.. sounds like my 'babies' as well. Well - I love them! I rescued them as kittens, and that is what I do in my spare time - being a foster mom for homeless kittens TRYING to find good homes for them - my hubby says he cringes every time he hears the words : oooo guess what? He then has to wonder how long it will be until I decide the kittens (who are usually right around a year.. or two .. heh old by then) are ready to leave the cattery. Silly man.. he better be careful or he can be the nextie up for adoption!

Tracy no longer works for our site. We're grateful for her past help!

Page updated 4/29/14

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