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Thane P.

Volunteer NZ85

I create, maintain, host and program websites for myself and also host sites for other people. I used to create sites and software professionally for clients, but I am finding working on my own sites more rewarding. I know many programming languages such as PHP and HTML. I also know some functions of batch which I use to automate tasks. I run many sites including a large soap opera board at and .  I am learning FrontPage.

I am available on instant messenger, although I don't like to chat in the general sense, especially to compete strangers who could be nutty psychos for all I know. I am not good at chatting; I tend to be as blunt and honest as possible about the other person. When I am in a bad mood, they know it. I do not pussyfoot around anyone.

I have two birds (actual birds, not women), a budgie and a cockatoo. I also have a black poodle. I collect episodes of TV programs I watch, and some I don't watch. My favourite prime time shows are House and Boston Legal. My favourite ended series are Norm, Becker, Still Standing, Blackadder and Frasier. I like most types of music including old (Kenny Rogers) punk/rock (Simple Plan, Linkin Park) and sometimes listen to classical (Mozart, Beethoven) while I work on sites.

Thane no longer works regularly for our site but sometimes still helps us out with scripts. We're grateful for his past help!

Please visit his site

Page updated 12/27/15

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