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Susana "Susy" G.


 Age: 19

B-day: 10/09.

Where was I born?: Salt Lake City, Utah

Where do I currently live?: Seattle, Washington

Marital Status?: Single

Siblings: 2 sisters. I am the middle child. My older sister is 21 years old and my younger sis is 8 years old.

Pets: 2 dogs, Muffin who is a toy poodle, and Mia, who is a chihuahua

Education history: I graduated at the age of 17, in my Junior year of high school due to the fact I got my credits in fast and went to a thing called "independent study." I am currently in college for Veterinary Studies and will hopefully get my Associate's Degree in that. I also want to take Child Psychology and get my Bachelor's in that. I want to travel to Europe and learn languages there as well. I love learning new things and want to continue to do so.

Job history: I am currently a retail sales associate....honestly, that is all I know and probably will know until I get my degree. I like it, though, because I like working with people. However, I want to do more then be a sales lead.

Personal history: I think if anyone were to define me they would say "Oh, yeah, I know Susana...she is the dancer." I love to dance and probably will always want to do it for the rest of my life. I dance everything, from hip-hop, ballet, jazz, to even ballroom. I love learning new dances and want to learn even more. When I was in school, I was in Dance Co. which easily became one of my most favorite things as a kid. I am an animal freak, too. I adore them, and that is one of the many reasons I want to work with them. I was born in Salt Lake City, but growing up I absolutely hated it, so I was glad when we moved from there.

I speak both Spanish and English and definitely want to learn more. I'm a strict -- and I mean strict-- vegetarian. My parents had a hard time at first when they found out I was, at the age of 17, but it was something that I wanted to do and become. It doesn't mean I am unhealthy.  I take the necessary supplements and keep up to date on what I have to do to become healthy. I like cooking and love making new crazy dishes I would never imagine to make. I'm very easy- going, but I can also be known to be very shy when I don't know you. I am also known to be very, very sweet. I love tattoos, which people often find weird because of the fact I don't look like I would have a tattoo on me, but I currently have two and am in the process of getting my third one.

I love giving blood to this one blood center we have here that isn't as big as "Red Cross" or any of those, but they still make an impact on thousands of people needing blood transfusions. To me, being able to give blood and knowing that someone in need will be getting it not only puts a smile on my face but makes me so happy.

There is definitely much more about me, but it would take forever to write :).

Hobbies: Well, my personal history said it all, but I think I'll add a few more. Movies (at home and in the theaters), reading, writing, dancing, animals, tattoos, outdoor stuff like hiking and walking, yoga, shopping, traveling as much as I can, culture, internet (which is one of the biggest ones, lol).

You may some comments to Susana at vwbugcherry at (replace the "at" with @).

Susana no longer works for our site. We're grateful for her past help!

Page updated 4/29/14

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