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Matthew R.

Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Richmond as you probably already know but just to be sure. I am now thirteen years old and my birthday is April seventh. I have always loved to sing and act. I don't do as much dancing but I think that is fun too. I am a member of the middle school and high school drama clubs at my school. For the middle school drama club, I just appeared in two short plays this past March. One was called "The Comeback Caper" and the other one was called "Buttons, Pirates, and Pearls." For the high school drama club, I have appeared in two musicals. The musical that I did in 2004 was called "The Music Man" and the one I did this year was called "The Pajama Game" (March 2005). Next year I will probably appear in at least two high school musicals. I am also an aspiring journalist. My friends and I have repeatedly tried over the past two years to start a school magazine, but have been unsuccessful and have not gone through with it. A special thanks to Suzanne and "Boo" for all their help, and thanks to their website, I can finally get my writing out there and share it with the world.

Matt no longer works for our site, but we're grateful for his past help!

Page updated 4/29/14

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